Lean Production

From lean products to lean production

Lean production covers all principles, methods, procedures and behaviours in their entirety, to allow an efficient design of the production processes to be created and experienced along the value-added chain.

CIP – Continuous Improvement Process / Kaizen

The basis for a continuous improvement process is precise observation and examination of the individual process steps. Wastage and losses can be uncovered in this way. The actual place of work (gemba) is the starting point at which the real things (gembutsu) can be observed. Here, meticulous attention is paid to possible wastage and losses (muda). If discovered, the improvement process (kaizen) takes over, with small or large steps. Our commitment to striving for perfection by means of kaizen is a given.


The 5S method is a systematic approach for designing your own workplace and work environment such that value-adding activities are at the forefront. The aim of this method is to eliminate types of waste or reduce these to a minimum.


SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Die and is concerned with optimising process set-up times. When using the SMED method, both organisational and technical measures are used to shorten set-up times.


Andon is a visual notification system used to make current operating statues of machines and work stations visible for all to see. If any problems or faults arise, support is requested via a visual or acoustic signal (pull-cord principle).


Kanban (signboard in Japanese) is a production control method that is based on the “pull” principle and represents a closed control loop. With the pull principle, the consumer takes the material required for production. If the consumer has already used up a previously determined kanban quantity, then he sends a signal in the form of a kanban card to the warehouse clerk, so that the clerk can then top up the kanban quantity.


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