EVS - Enhanced Visibility System

Increased attention on neurobiological basis

EVS - Enhanced Visibility System

A groundbreaking innovation in LED technology opens up a completely new dimension in optical signalling. Enhanced
Visibility System, or the electronic improvement of visibility, EVS for short, is the name WERMA has given to this latest development which promises to bring about a revolution in signal technology.

This technology is generally used when a particularly high level of awareness should be generated. Irregular light impulses can circumvent the brain’s fi lter function. Random light signals fail to generate an acclimatisation effect and the brain is unable to escape the stimulus, even when the fl ickering continues for an extended period.

EVS signal devices communicate highly urgent situations

EVS-Signalgeräte signalisieren hohe Dringlichkeit

As a result of the extremely powerful signal effect, the EVS light is especially suited to signalling acute or highly important conditions. The EVS element can also be deployed in hazardous situations or in areas where immediate action is required.

Integrated into KombiSIGN Signal Towers, the EVS LED Element generates a highly attention-grabbing signal.
This innovative technology is also used in the 853, 280 and 829 series and in the optical-audible combinations 444 and 43x.

EVS - unique light effect using LED technology

For the EVS system WERMA employs light emitting diodes. A microprocessor generates random light signals. This gives the light a very “agitated” character which proves highly effective in drawing the atten-tion of those in its vicinity - even when seen out of the corner of the eye.

Up to now LED signal devices have confined themselves to imitating the light effects of light bulbs or xenon flashes, EVS however utilises the strengths of light emitting diodes. LEDs are capable of generating the required high flickering frequency with ease - frequencies which xenon flashes are for example incapable of generating.

Further advantages of LEDs are the resistance to vibration, their long life duration as well as their low current consumption.