Design Multi-Tone Sounder

Reliable and universal

Your benefits

WERMA Design Multi-Tone Sounders provide safety and security by providing an audible warning in applications with greater aesthetic requirements. The innovative housing design makes for simple mounting in many diverse applications.

  • Ideal signalling effect over great distances
  • Many application options with up to 32 tones available
  • Up to 3 tones can be externally triggered for the escalation of signals
  • Includes standardised tones (including those used in fi re alarms)

Typical applications

Signalling faults or alarms in the event of danger

  • in building service systems
  • on machinery and equipment

Installation options

  • Wall mounting
  • Base mounting
  • Ceiling mounting


  • Up to 32 tones (standardised according to various standards and guidelines)
  • Multi-voltage versions allow multiple applications with a single device
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Tech-Talk - Acoustics in signal technology

Regardless of language and alphabet – acoustic signals usually consist of an alarm tone triggered when faults occur.

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