Heavy-Duty Combinations

Multi-Tone Siren with Xenon Flash

Your benefits

The WERMA Heavy Duty Combination - Multi-Tone Siren with Xenon Flash features a very robust housing. The combination device provides safety and security through reliable, loud signalling in particularly harsh environments. Up to 120 dB for use in extremely noisy environments and signalling over long distances.

  • Multiple visual and audible escalation levels possible
  • Includes standardised tones (including those used in fire alarms)
  • Up to 42 tones for signalling various statuses

Typical applications

Signalling of faults or alarms

  • Outdoors in extreme conditions
  • In larger industrial plants
  • As an evacuation alarm

Installation options

  • Wall mounting


  • High protection rating IP66
  • Multi-voltage versions available
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