LED-Element "ultrabright"

For best visibility

LED element "ultrabright"

Why ultrabright design?

Good visibility, even in direct sunlight, is a basic precondition for the reliable deployment of signal devices in outdoor areas. This is a standard feature of the signal towers and beacons from WERMA Signaltechnik. There are however applications which place even more extreme demands on the visibility of optical signalling.

Up to 20 times brighter

Thanks to its sophisticated triggering, the innovative LED element ”ultrabright“ is up to 20 times brighter than conventional LED beacons - making it almost certainly the brightest permanent light that the world of signalling
technology currently has to offer.

Furthermore, the intelligent electronics ensure that the LEDs operate
at maximum brightness, depending on the ambient and operating temperatures. The ”ultrabright“ LED element is therefore always working at
its optimum, and the energy-saving LED technology ensures that power
consumption is kept to a minimum.