WERMA Signal Towers

Support and secure processes with intelligent signal technology


Signal various states reliably

Professional signalling provides your application with greater safety and security, and considerably reduces response times and wait times. Various signalling levels enable employees to react promptly to faults and rectify problems more quickly.



  • Full-surface signalling with clear light effects for maximum visibility.
  • Versatile customisation options with different modes, light effects and tones.
  • UL Type 4X ensures resistance to UV radiation and environmental influences.
  • Autoscale mode for full-surface signalling and optimum visibility.

CO2 Traffic Light

Traffic light set for climate monitoring in enclosed spaces

  • With this traffic light, the current carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air can be measured and clearly displayed using the three traffic light colours
  • Ensure hygienic and productivity-friendly ambient air
  • Increased safety for employees and customers
Modulare Signalsäulen

Modular Signal Towers

  • Signal elements can be combined flexibly
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Simple and quick installation
Fertig konfigurierte Signalsäulen

Pre-assembled signal towers

  • Compact unit with a single parts number
  • Reduced complexity of ordering and installation process
  • Clever design for various applications