Our Guiding Principles/Code of Conduct

WERMA Guiding Principles

Our Corporate Principles

For our customers

WERMA maintains long-standing customer relationships based on friendly and professional service, high-quality products and rapid delivery. Customer-specific product developments are implemented using the same strategic approach.

For our employees

Our employees provide the essential ingredient to ensure the success of WERMA. We offer our employees exceptional working conditions and benefits in addition to pr ofessional development programmes and a working environment based on trust and respect.


Within its core markets WERMA grows at a stronger rate than its competitors and guarantees its presence in all of the important global markets thr ough a network of WERMA subsidiaries.


WERMA develops products for the signalling sector in addition to related technologies which offer our customers the maximum degree of user benefit and set new standards in our field. We strive to ensure that our products generate a genuine technological advantage.

Continuous improvement

WERMA follows a policy of continuous impr ovement for all company departments.


WERMA aims to achieve strong and sustainable levels of profitability. This policy enables us to maintain our long-term independence, invest in cutting-edge product development

Shareholder Principles

Family-based corporate structure

The WERMA Signaltechnik Group is a family-owned company. The commitment of the shareholders is on a long-term basis to ensure the independence of WERMA. Through their respective roles as CEO and Advisory Boar d members the shareholders exercise a direct influence on the development of the group.

Sustainable increase in the value of the company

In their various capacities and with the means at their disposal the shar eholders contribute substantially to increasing the value of the company.
This is defined by an outstanding market position, excellent pr oducts, exceptional employees and sustainably good results.

Outstanding working conditions

In order to be able to attract committed, competent and innovative people to WERMA, the shareholders place great value on offering outstanding working conditions and employee benefits as well as individual options for pr ofessional development.

Cultural and social responsibility

The shareholders are committed to the region and especially to the local community of Rietheim-Weilheim.
They support cultural and social institutions and contribute in this way to common welfare.


Business Partner Code of Conduct 

Policy statement in accordance with the Supply Chain Act