Process-optimisation systems

Solutions for manufacturing, production logistics and shipping

Create transparency

In addition to classic signal devices, WERMA offers intelligent solutions that make Industry 4.0 tangible, tangible and immediately implementable in practice. Our solutions are ready-made, can be used immediately and function "out-of-the-box". Because WERMA takes signal technology a step further!

With our call and signal systems (AndonLIGHT, KombiSIGN Reflect and AndonWIRELESS) you can quickly and easily report problems at manual workstations and control access to doors and gates without the need for monitoring software.

Thanks to our clever solutions (AndonSPEED, SmartMONITOR and WeASSIST) with monitoring software, you can detect weak points immediately. To uncover hidden potential in manufacturing, logistics or mail order, you need a system to measure unproductive times - whether at manual workplaces, dispatch workplaces or in automated manufacturing.

Overview of advantages:

  • Independent of other systems and easy to retrofit
  • Identify weak points quickly and clearly to increase productivity
  • Central control station collects statuses from all workstations and machines

Degree of digitization

Without monitoring software
Call for action systems for manual workstations

With monitoring software
For manual workstations & machines

Function / Benefits
werma weassist


Cross-industry cloud solution for comprehensive monitoring and optimisation of manufacturing processes.

  • Full transparency over all workstations, machines and systems.
  • Current overview of order status, material bottlenecks and disruptions, enabling rapid problem solving.
  • Documentation and reports for permanent optimisation of your processes, all at the push of a button.
Ruf- und Meldesysteme

Call for action systems

With call for action systems, problems can be reported quickly and easily, displayed and remedied in a targeted manner.



The smart MDC alternative for manufacturing companies

  • Quickly collects reliable data to optimise production processes
  • View relevant data quickly at the push of a button
  • Wireless retrofit solution for signalling and analysing all production


The solution for packing and shipping workstations

  • Documentation and analysis of non-productive time
  • Cost reduction in shipping processes
  • Ideal call-for-action system for continued time savings
KombiSIGN reflect

KombiSIGN reflect

Simple reflection of machine statuses

  • Wireless network reflects machine statuses to a WERMA signal tower
  • Keep track of machines that are out of view
  • Accelerates reaction time and prevents downtime