KombiSIGN reflect

Simple "Reflection" of Signal Towers

Your benefit

Do you have a machine or a workstation that is out of your line of sight? KombiSIGN reflect offers a simple solution that "reflects" the machine status to a KombiSIGN signal tower in your vicinity. The two elements are paired and ready for immediate use.

  • Keep track of machines that are out of view
  • Reduce response times and prevent shutdowns
  • Repair faults quickly
  • Monitor machines/areas that are not yet networked

Typical applications

  • Report stoppages in complex production areas
  • Manage the supply of materials where visibility is restricted
  • Improve processes in complex production areas

Initial startup

  • Integrate transmitter and receiver into the signal towers (no tools necessary)


  • Pre-configured for plug & play
  • Simple refl ection of machine statuses
  • Large transmission range thanks to robust wireless network for production environments
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