Midi Signal Beacons

Reliable signaling in indoor and outdoor areas

Your benefits

The Midi Beacons provide fl exible signalling over medium distances. The high protection rating IP65 ensures the safe operation in many areas – both indoor and outdoor applications.

828 Xenon-flash light:

  • Bright 5-joule xenon fl ash for high visibility, even in direct sunlight or over longer distances

829 LED-beacons:

  • Versatile lighting effects (permanent / blinking / rotating / fl ash / EVS) for a wide range of applications
  • No moving mechanical parts, therefore unsusceptible to shock and vibration
  • Maintenance-free operation and lower running costs due to low current consumption

885 rotating mirror beacon:

  • High intensity light thanks to halogen bulb in extremely compact housing
  • Easy to connect, without removing the mechanical assembly

Typical applications

Signalling faults or relaying alarms

  • in building service industry
  • for door and gate systems
  • on machinery and plant

Installation options

  • Base mounting
  • Tube mounting
  • Bracket mounting with plastic bracket


  • Optional wire guard to protect against mechanical damage

829 LED-lights:

  • Also available as a particularly attention-grabbing EVS option (flickering light)

885 rotating mirror beacon:

  • Quiet belt drive allows the beacon to be mounted and operated in any position, even up side down (with limited IP protection) or at 90° to the wall

Flashing Beacon

  • Extremely bright Xenon flash
  • Removal of the lens only possible with tools

LED Perm./Blink.Beacon

  • Interchangeable light effects (permanent and blinking light)
  • Shock-proof and vibration resistant
  • Life duration up to 50,000 hrs

LED Perm./Blink/Rot. Beacon

  • 3 light effects can be remotely selected (permanent, flashing, rotating light)
  • Electrically isolated signal inputs
  • Life duration up to 50,000 hrs

Rotating Mirror Beacon

  • Extremely quiet
  • Installation without the need to disassemble the mechanism