eSIGN - a new dimension
in signalling

The best signal tower ever.

the new benchmark
in industrial signalling

Full-surface signalling
customisation options
industrial design
The right product for every application

eSIGN is the future of signal technology – a signal tower that, thanks to electronic modularity, sets new standards. Powerful features, maximum compatibility and an industrial design that blends functionality with style and robustness. As the latest generation, eSIGN defines the future of the signal tower.

Signal technology as you’ve never seen it before.

The new eSIGN brings new dimensions to light. Electronic modularity enables the product to create a variety of signal modes with various colours, brightness levels and light effects, from the classic signal tower to completely customised settings. eSIGN can also switch with ease between variable filling level indications or full-surface signalling.

  • Classic signal tower indication in individual tiers
  • Autoscale mode for full-surface signalling and optimum visibility
  • Variable filling level indication from 0 to 100 %
  • Individual triggering to suit requirements

Light in new dimensions

More colours, more effects, more individuality. Or do you need a classic signal tower? A variable filling level indicator? Full-surface signalling, or completely individual signalling options? Diverse light effects such as permanent, blinking, flashing or rotating light ...

Filling level indication
Status indication
Access control
Audible warning
Process monitoring
Visual warning
Building security
Operating status

In general, eSIGN offers the option to configure the colour, light intensity and light effect of optical signals. This function can be exploited in one of four modes:

eSIGN - signal modes

The signal light with state-of-the-art LED technology – the latest standard in industrial signalling.

Ready to resist

  • Enhanced resistance to typical production substances
  • UV resistant
  • IP66 / IP69k
  • UL type 4X
  • Fraunhofer IPA approval: for Cleanroom applications with Air Cleanliness Class 2

eSIGN is versatile and can be customised –
as if made especially for you


The new eSIGN is a visible symbol of consistent progress.

Many years ago, KombiSIGN saw us create a benchmark in the field of industrial signalling. But have we rested on our laurels?

The new eSIGN represents a major step forward – and a visible sign of technological progress that we resolutely encourage. With electronic modularity, a robust industrial design and powerful features, it sets new standards in terms of individuality and flexibility. And what is the result of all this? A quantum leap in terms of possibilities.
Or, put simply: new dimensions in signalling.
It is no understatement to say that eSIGN is the best signal tower we have ever developed.

eSIGN - is available
in a number of variants

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