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Live experience of the smart MDC alternative (machine monitoring and data collection) SmartMONITOR

How can a global automotive supplier save € 300,000 in only 10 months? The answer is very straightforward: They employ a simple machine monitoring system on 30 of their machines and profit from improved production transparency.

Visit us at one of the Lean Factory Roadshows being held throughout Germany and find out more about our new SmartMONITOR. You will be astonished at the numerous possibilities and hidden capacities. We will show you how to construct a lean production line: from value stream analysis to Kanban control loops and the live line itself.

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In addition to various presentations, you will have the opportunity to speak with the respective suppliers and discuss topics of specific interest to you.

We look forward to your visit!

We currently have no upcoming events for »Lean Factory Roadshow «.

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