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WeASSIST <i>(english only)</i>
Process optimisation in one minute
eSIGN <i>(english only)</i>
eSIGN - a new dimension in signalling
Product Overview
Compilation of products from our catalogue.
EvoSIGNAL <i>(english only)</i>
With EvoSIGNAL, it is easier than ever before to find the signal device you need: the streamlined, modular system optimally covers practically all areas of application.
EvoSIGNAL Quick-Finder <i>(english only)</i>
Find the right product from the EvoSIGNAL series
Signal Towers Overview <i>(english only)</i>
Whether for access control or use on machinery, systems and manual workstations - WERMA signal towers are available in a variety of colours, functions, sizes and shapes.Customers can find unique solutions with excellent design quality also for use in strict hygiene areas.
Smart<i>MONITOR</i> <i>(english only)</i>
The smart MDC alternative: SmartMONITOR

SmartMONITOR is the clever MDC alternative (machine monitoring and data collection) for industrial companies who are looking for un-complicated and reliable data for the optimization of their manufacturing processes.

SmartMONITOR provides all relevant data from all machines, systems and manual workstations at the touch of a button. Find out now about the benefits and versatile applications and get to know the clever system at first hand.

Andon<i>SPEED</i> <i>(english only)</i>
WERMA – new solutions for packing and shipping workstations

 AndonSPEED is simple to use, easy to understand, very easy to install and can be extended thanks to the modular design. Status changes are transmitted wirelessly from the workstation to a central control station and, if required, can be sent by automatic e-mail to the appropriate response team.

Signal devices for machine tools and equipment applications <i>(english only)</i>
Our system solutions play an important part in machine tool and equipment applications by monitoring processes and providing companies with a complete transparency of their operations. As a manufacturer you benefit for your customers from all of the advantages we provide such as reliability, safety and performance.
Intelligent signal devices for the automotive industry and automotive supply industry <i>(english only)</i>
WERMA solutions allow you to monitor work processes, identify bottlenecks immediately and initiate speedy responses and durable counter-measures. Down-time becomes transparent enabling continuous improvement opportunities to be realised and improved process optimisation.
Process-optimisation systems for production logistics and shipment <i>(english only)</i>
As the inventor of the modular signal tower, we supply optical and audible signalling devices for logistics and manufacturing applications. A world first – our signal towers can be transformed into intelligent wirelessly connected call and messaging systems.
Signal devices for building services applications and obstruction lights <i>(english only)</i>
WERMA products and solutions make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. This not only allows you to optimize processes sustainably, but also saves you time and money.
Signal Devices for the Control Panel Industry <i>(english only)</i>
WERMA products and solutions make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. This not only allows you to optimize processes sustainably, but also saves you time and money.
LED Installation Beacon MC55 and MC35 <i>(english only)</i>
With the two LED installation beacons, MC55 and MC35, WERMA offers a compact signal device with up to seven colours in one beacon.
IO-Link Products
WERMA offers three signal tower solutions with the standardised IO-Link technology to enable sensor/actuator communication.
Traffic light set for climate monitoring in enclosed spaces
Freely configurable Call for Action System.
Quick-Finder Andon WirelessSET
How to assemble your individual Andon WirelessSET.
Crowd Management Systeem via Draadloze Communicatie
Met het toegangscontrolesysteem van WERMA kan u gemakkelijk mensen aan de ingang signaleren of er momenteel toegang kan worden verleend.
Catalogus <i>(english only)</i>
Het WERMA productassortiment is volledig afgestemd op de behoeften en voordelen van onze klanten uit de meest uiteenlopende branches: Compatibiliteit, onderhoud en procesoptimalisatie, met een kwaliteit die gewoonweg uniek is. Dit noemen we intelligente signaaltechnologie.

De huidige catalogus bevat bijna 230 pagina's met innovatieve producten, boeiende achtergrondinformatie en de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van visuele en auditieve signalering.

Bekijk hier de catalogus

Signal technology: Applications for industry
Signalling technology used in industrial production environments is intended to protect employees from potential hazards and alert them in the event of malfunctions to minimise downtime.
Success Story Metabo
From simple traffic light system to cloud-based solution.
Success Story HYMER
Safe production at HYMER thanks to CO2 traffic lights: The motorhome specialist uses WERMA CO2 traffic lights to ensure the health and safety of all persons present
Success Story Flestic
Fabrikant van kunststofverpakkingen vertrouwt op SmartMONITOR van WERMA en optimaliseert zijn productie binnen enkele weken
Success Story Eberle Rieden
Automotive supplier Eberle Rieden is optimising its production with SmartMONITOR from WERMA
This is a really ‚SMART‘ system!
Professional working tool manufacturer BETA monitors the per formance of more than 40 machines with SmartMONITOR from WERMA.
EvoSIGNAL lights up “green” airports
ITW GSE deploy WERMA’s new EvoSIGNAL beacons on its environmentally friendly range of Ground Power Units.
Yamauchi zet volop in op Industrie 4.0
SmartMONITOR van WERMA is voor Yamauchi Corp. N.V. de volgende
consequente stap naar digitalisering
Maak het onzichtbare zichtbaar met SmartMONITOR <i>(Nederlands)</i>
In grote productieomgevingen worden grote machinestoringen in vele gevallen snel opgemerkt en aangepakt. Maar wat met de vele kleine stilstanden? Een machine kan zomaar een paar seconden stilliggen en niet zelden heeft men geen enkel idee van de precieze oorzaak.
Ketterer - 20% more productivity thanks to SmartMONITOR
In order to safeguard the process it is paramount that the machine operator can see the status of each machine and for this reason Ketterer uses WERMA signal towers and andon lights on each machine. These show immediately status changes of the machine and indicate disruptions to production and allow the status of a line to be viewed from some distance.
Leclerc - Supermarket shopping made faster and less stressful with AndonSPEED
Whilst looking for a suitable system to use Leleu found the beacon, sounder and systems manufacturer WERMA. Here he discovered their Andon light systems. The innovative wireless andon light system shows at the press of a button which illuminates a bright and clearly visible signal light which check-out is available or requires assistance.
Océ installs AndonSPEED by WERMA – a wireless call-for-action system <i>(English, Nederlands)</i>
Océ had problems with regular stoppages on their
assembly line because there was no monitoring system
or process to capture and regulate line stoppages. There
was, until now, little interface between inventory
management and the production lines, and no automated
processes in place.

Version: Nederland PDF

cab - cab chooses signal towers from WERMA
Europe's largest manufacturer of labelling and printing machines, cab supports its reputation for innovation, reliability and durability by the careful selection of essential bought in components for its own operation. This is why cab selected the new innovative modular signal tower series KombiSIGN 40 from WERMA
Continental - Breakdown reporting in real time
The Continental site in Regensburg, Germany is one of 300 facilities belonging to the international technology company around the world. The logistics centre complete in 2001 is a particular high-light: It handles around 1150 incoming goods and approx. 390 outgoing goods transactions per day. The innovative centre features, for example, automated conveyor technology for demand-based transportation between the logistics centre and production. Just-in-sequence logistics provide high levels of security, reliability and quality.
Marquardt - 10% increase in efficiency – but how?
The Marquardt Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electro-mechanical and electronic switches and switching systems for vehicles, electrical tools, household appliances, and other industrial applications. Marquardt has quickly made a name for themselves in the au-tomotive industry with the market launch of their intelligent drive authorisation systems, which provide unprecedented anti-theft security and are used in vehicles by Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler and other prominent brands.
TRW - TRW calls for action with the help of WERMA
TRW Automotive GmbH in Blumberg, Germany is part of a globally active group that mainly manufacturers components for engines and automobiles in every conceivable configuration. Around the world, TRW has more than 65,000 employees and 186 branches in 26 countries, in-cluding 13 test tracks and 22 technology centres. The TRW Blumberg site began operation in 1945 and today still produces valves of all dimensions and in various materials.
Soort toon Frequentie
in Hz
Beschrijving Gebruik  
Alternerend 800/970 2 Hz (250 ms-250 ms)   luisterenDownload
Opgaand 800/970 7 Hz (7/s)   luisterenDownload
Opgaand 800/970 1 Hz (1/s)   luisterenDownload
Continu 2.850 111     luisterenDownload
Opgaand 2.400-2.850 7 Hz   luisterenDownload
Opgaand 2.400-2.850 1 Hz   luisterenDownload
Opgaand 500-1.200 3 sec., dan 0.5 sec. UIT, dan herhalen Slow Whoop Holland luisterenDownload
Neergaand 1.200-500 Neergaand per 1 Hz DIN/PFEER (PAPA), DIN 33404-3, VDS-geprüft luisterenDownload
Alternerend 2.400/2.850 2 Hz (250 ms-250 ms)   luisterenDownload
Pulserend 970 0,5 Hz (1 sec. ON / 1 sec. OFF) PFEER Alarm luisterenDownload
Alternerend 800/970 1 Hz (500 ms-500 ms)   luisterenDownload
Pulserend 2.850 0,5 Hz (1 sec. ON / 1 sec. OFF)   luisterenDownload
Onderbroken 970 0,8 Hz (250 ms ON / 1 sec. OFF)   luisterenDownload
Continu 970   PFEER – Toxisch Gas luisterenDownload
Alternerend 554/440 100 ms-400 ms Frans Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Pulserend 660 3,3 Hz (150 ms ON / 150 ms. OFF) Zweeds Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Pulserend 660 0,28 Hz (1,8 sec. ON / 1,8 sec. OFF) Zweeds Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Pulserend 660 0,05 Hz (6,5 sec. ON / 13 sec. OFF) Zweeds Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Continu 660   Zweeds Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Alternerend 554/440 0,5 Hz (1 sec. ON / 1 sec. OFF) Zweeds Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Pulserend 660 1 Hz (500 ms-500 ms) Zweeds Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Pulserend 2.850 4 Hz (150 ms ON / 100 ms OFF)   luisterenDownload
Opgaand 800-970 50 Hz   luisterenDownload
Opgaand 2.400-2.850 50 Hz   luisterenDownload
Pulserend 970 3x500 ms. Pulserend, 1.5 sec. stil, dan herhalen. ISO 8201 / US Temporal luisterenDownload
Pulserend 2.850 3x500 ms. Pulserend, 1.5 sec. stil, dan herhalen ISO 8201 / US Temporal luisterenDownload
Continu 4.000     luisterenDownload
Alternerend 800/970 2 Hz (250 ms-250 ms)   luisterenDownload
Alternerend 990/650 2 Hz (250 ms-250 ms)   luisterenDownload
Alternerend 510/610 2 Hz (250 ms-250 ms)   luisterenDownload
Opgaand 300-1.200 1 Hz   luisterenDownload
Continu Bel     luisterenDownload
Continu Bel 3x500 ms. Pulserend, 1.5 sec. stil, dan herhalen Glocke / US Temporal luisterenDownload
Alternerend 1.000/2.000 1 Hz (500 ms-500 ms) Singapur luisterenDownload
Pulserend 420 0,625 sec. Australisch Alarm Signaal luisterenDownload
Opgaand 500-1.200 Opgaand 3.75 sec., dan 0.25 sec. UIT Australisch Alarm Signaal (Evacuatie) luisterenDownload
Opgaand 1.400-1.600 Opgaand 1 sec., neergaand 0.5 sec. NF C 48-265 luisterenDownload
Opgaand 500-1.200 Opgaand en neergaand gedurende 3 sec. Sirene luisterenDownload
Pulserend 720 0,7 sec. ON, 0,3 sec. OFF Duits Industrieel Alarm luisterenDownload
Opgaand 422-775 0.85 sec., sec. stil, dan herhalen NFPA Whoop luisterenDownload
Continu 470   Horn (USA) luisterenDownload
Continu 370   Air Horn (USA) luisterenDownload