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08 Mar 2023

ProMAT 2023: WERMA presents intelligent signal technology - for the world of today and tomorrow

At ProMAT in Chicago (USA), visitors can experience "WeASSIST", the cross-industry and cloud-based solution for monitoring and optimizing all processes live in use and put it through its paces on site. WERMA will also present the professional call and notification system "AndonWIRELESS" for process optimization in manufacturing, logistics and at manual workstations. And the new dimension of signaling “eSIGN”.

WeASSIST - Process Optimization in a Minute!

WeASSIST is the innovative, cross-industry plug & play solution for the comprehensive and permanent monitoring of all production and logistics processes - cloud-based, easy to install, quickly retrofittable and widely scalable. Whether at machines or plants, in shipping logistics or at manual workstations - WeASSIST from WERMA ensures transparency, digitally and in real time. This helps to identify problems before they arise and to optimize processes in the long term.

WeASSIST from WERMA is the ideal solution for all companies that want to bring full transparency to the entire value chain. The cross-industry cloud solution consists of hardware and software and makes networking and Industry 4.0 a reality - quickly, easily, without the need for consulting or extensive installation or programming. Comprehensive monitoring and consistent optimization of all manufacturing processes can be easily implemented - digitally, cloud-based and scalable at any time.

AndonWIRELESS - the freely configurable call-for-action system

With the new "Andon WirelessSET", problems can be reported quickly and easily, displayed and remedied in a targeted manner. Thanks to the radio-based system with a clever push-button box - the Andon WirelessBOX - faults and difficulties will in future no longer be solved by shouting or running around, but simply signaled at the touch of a button. This permanently optimizes processes - in logistics, production, at manual workstations, for material replenishment control or for access control at doors and gates.

eSIGN - The new standard in industrial signalization

The new signal tower eSIGN is a major step and a visible sign of the technological progress that WERMA is consistently pushing forward: With full-surface signaling, robust industrial design and powerful features, this signal tower sets new standards in terms of individuality and flexibility.

The eSIGN is a shining example of a signal tower with visibly more performance: More colors, more effects and more individuality! Thanks to electronic modularity in combination with the latest LED technology, various signaling modes with multiple colors, brightness levels and luminous images can be realized - from the classic traffic light display to completely customized settings. Variable level indicators or full-surface signaling can also be easily implemented with this signal tower.

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