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09 Dec 2020

300 CO2 traffic lights for schools in the district of Tuttlingen

Traffic light set from WERMA supports "correct" ventilation in classrooms to avoid high CO2 and aerosol concentrations in the room air

Since the beginning of December WERMA Signaltechnik from Rietheim-Weilheim has been offering the new CO2 traffic light. This continuously measures the current carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the room air and, with the aid of the three traffic light colors, indicates very precisely whether it is time to increase ventilation. Since CO2 concentration is a good measure of the level of exhaled air, this provides increased protection against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases for all persons who spend a long period of time in closed rooms.

The Tuttlingen District Office has now ordered 300 of these new traffic lights to be installed in all classrooms of the state schools in the district. Joachim Koch, Head of the Department of Finance and Central Services says: "We became aware of the new CO2 traffic light in a press report. I think it is the right step to ensure the greatest possible safety for teachers and students in the long term and to achieve the best possible air quality”. He adds: "And of course we are particularly pleased that the supplier is local”.

High air quality - more important than ever

Thanks to the CO2 traffic lights from WERMA, the air quality in closed rooms can be improved in the long term, as regular ventilation prevents high carbon dioxide and aerosol concentrations in closed rooms. Not only is it more hygienic but also helps improve productivity because better indoor air quality is achieved. "We are pleased that the CO2 traffic light is not just a short-term investment for public buildings, offices and schools", says Manuel Schutzbach from the Technical Sales Department at WERMA. "After all, a low CO2 content in the room air not only serves to protect against infection but also improves the concentration and performance of all those present".

What can the CO2 traffic light from WERMA do?

The solution for CO2 measurement in room air from WERMA consists of a three-stage signal tower which is immediately ready for use and child's play to install. Simply plug in the supplied power supply unit, wait until the independent calibration is complete and the traffic light is ready for use. The current CO2 concentration in the ambient air is measured and displayed using the three traffic light colors.

The traffic light is unambiguous, easy to understand and self-explanatory. The signals are clearly visible from all sides and the extremely bright LEDs guarantee that they can be easily seen even in direct sunlight and bright surroundings.

Ideally, the CO2 traffic light should be placed in the middle of the room, i.e. not too close to the window and not higher than 2 meters from the floor. Since CO2 is distributed fairly evenly throughout the room, one traffic light is sufficient for most rooms. In larger conference rooms or sports halls two traffic lights are recommended.

The set can be ordered directly from WERMA - by telephone, email or via the WERMA Webshop.

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300 CO2 traffic lights for schools in the district of Tuttlingen