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Creation of causes
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How can I store causes for possible malfunctions

In WeASSIST you have the possibility to create incidents and enrich them with analyzable causes. An incident is something that happens in your company unexpectedly. It can be a malfunction of a machine, a problem with the material supply, a power failure, a sick employee or many other things. To create an incident with analyzable causes, you must first create them system-wide.

To do this, proceed as follows:

Go to the "Administration - > Causes" cause page.

After clicking on "+", a window will open where you can name a new cause and assign a color to it.
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After saving the cause, you can use and analyze the cause in the incident system or create more.

To create an incident, they have several options. You can use the incident widget, the live data widget or the floor plan widget. You can read how to create and end the incidents in each case in the related articles.


  • If you create an incident and have not created the appropriate cause, you can also add the cause system-wide when creating the incident.