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Digital twin of the signal tower
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How do I configure the digital twin of my signal towers?

After you have integrated your transceivers into your system as described in the commissioning instructions, you are faced with the choice of using your transceivers as a signal tower or as a head of line.

When using the transceiver as a signal tower, the current states are transmitted to the cloud. In addition, you can switch individual tiers out of the cloud to signal something on the spot.

If you use the Head of Line functionality, you have a signal tower that switches exclusively via the cloud from your defined light patterns to visualize an overall state of the plant.

To configure the transceiver as a signal tower, proceed as follows:

Go to the device page "Administration -> Devices" select the device to be configured and open the configuration.

The first tab "Tiers" of the configuration dialog allows you to simulate the digital twin. Starting from the connector element, click on the tiers you want to add and select the color.
Signal Tower Configuration 1
In the second tab "Blink" you define at which stage a blink should be recognized as a blink and not as "on-off-on-off-on-off". Here you have the possibility to choose a fast and/or slow blinking. A slow blinking is detected when a frequency of 1-5 Hz (0.7 - 4.7) is applied. A fast blinking is detected at 5 - 15 Hz (5.0 - 15).
Signal Tower Configuration 2

The third tab "Switchable" is used to define a switchable tier from the software. You need a switchable tier, for example, if you want to determine states via the first 3 tiers and want to signal something to the worker with a 4th tier.

In addition, you have the possibility to create a 5th tier, which can be controlled purely software-based and serves as an "acknowledgement tier". This can be used, for example, by a shift supervisor to signal that help is on the way if there is a fault.

Signal Tower Configuration 3
If you want to define the transceiver as Head of Line, proceed in exactly the same way. Only the "Switchable" tab behaves slightly differently. Since the "Head of Line" switches exclusively via the Cloud, all tiers are switchable here and you have no possibility to adjust anything.
Signal Tower Configuration 4


  • If you want to configure multiple signal towers the same way and provide them with the same light patterns and attributes, we recommend configuring one signal tower completely, providing it with light patterns and attributes, and then transferring it to other signal towers using the "Copy Configuration" function.
  • If your signal towers are hanging upside down from the ceiling, use the "upside down mounted" function to display the signal towers digitally as they are mounted in the real world.