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Important notes:

  • Please note the system requirements for installing StockSAVER.
  • We recommend backing up your StockSAVER database before running the update.
  • Please install or update the software on the PC where the database is installed (the Server PC) first and then on all other PCs.
  • If you are running StockSAVER on multiple PCs, you must upgrade all your PCs to the same soft-ware version to maintain correct Operation (same version as on the Server PC).
  • During the update of an existing StockSAVER installation the database will be automatically updated. The database can then no longer be used with an older StockSAVER version.

With StockSAVER 3.0 the following new functions are introduced:

  • Mail notification of stock level status changes in locations
  • Availability monitoring for the system components
    • Analysis via log
    • Mail notification of connection loss
  • A second module can be displayed as part of the startup options
  • A standard stores location can be entered for each part number
  • A stores location can be entered for each location
    • Will also be shown in the Materials Requirement List
  • Option to show the part number and stores location in the control station
    • Text colour and font size can be set individually
  • Option of including a system ID in the settings for the XML interface