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Date: 05.08.2021 - Version: - Size: 57.4 MB

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Date: 17.05.2021 - Size: 1.4 MB

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Supporto tecnico
Telefono: +49(0) 7424 9557-222

Note importanti:

  • Si prega di notare i requisiti di sistema per l'installazione di AndonWIRELESS.

Version RTM - Firmware Update

Changes to the previous release:

  • New firmware files for AndonWirelessBox and transceiver
    • Devices could hang in rare cases during regular operation and then stopped responding
    • Firmware now supports US devices
  • When connecting a device for which a firmware update is available, the user is now notified and the firmware update dialog is opened if necessary.
  •  Preparation US version:
    • Frequency band is displayed at radio channel
    •  Frequency band is displayed in the device details
    • When importing a configuration file, it is checked whether the configuration was created with the same country version/frequency band.
  • Included firmware:
    • Transceiver: revision 4, master-branch commit id 68d742f0a6eee2e997e54136e236d3d15c701f2a.
    • AndonWirelessBox: revision 3, master-branch commit id 7e346fc0aab1770054e5f1a96ae8d4abf33a6d23