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22 Feb 2019

WERMA expands StockSAVER with ‘Place-by-light’ function

At LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart, WERMA Signaltechnik presented a clever extension for StockSAVER – which monitors the fill level of FIFO flow racks and automatically triggers replenishment of the materials, as required. With the new optional ‘Place-by-light’ function, replenishment errors can now be eliminated, since the storage bay that needs new materials is clearly indicated.

WERMA expands Stock<em>SAVER</em> with ‘Place-by-light’ function
StockSAVER with the optional “Place-by-Light” package speeds up the supply process and makes it more reliable.

StockSAVER – the third generation Kanban
There are already many users who can confirm the benefits of WERMA’s StockSAVER. This clever retrofit system uses reporting points in the FIFO flow rack to give full transparency in production logistics. Sensors determine the number of material containers in a storage bay and transmit this status to the software provided with the system. The digital control station gives the user a constant overview of the material stocks available at the various workplaces. The view of the requirements list (digital Kanban board) informs the Material Supply department in good time and according to priority which workplaces are running out of materials. This makes it possible to reduce stocks to a bare minimum, without any danger of the materials running out. With the evaluation and reporting functions of the system software, processes can be continuously improved.

Optional “Place-by-light” function
Additional ‘Place-by-light’ lights give the logistics worker a quick and clear indication of which storage bay needs to be replenished with the supplied materials. This useful addition to the system now also eliminates errors at the workplace, where refilling of the storage bays takes place. The materials are scanned and the system switches on a green light to indicate the storage bay in which the materials need to be placed. If the material is placed in the wrong storage bay, the light lights up red and requests rectification. With this new optional feature, the supply process within the production facility is faster and even more reliable.

The optional ‘Place-by-light’ system can be easily retrofitted for any StockSAVER system. It comes in complete packages, each containing 25 lights, and includes all of the necessary connectors and fixing materials as well as the lights themselves.

All retrofit and wireless solutions for process optimisation that work “out-of-the-box” are available directly from WERMA.

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