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08 Oct 2018

SPS IPC Drives 2018: WERMA presents EvoSIGNAL – a modular system to quickly find the right signalling solution

WERMA Signaltechnik will be presenting EvoSIGNAL, the latest evolu-tionary step in signalling technology, for the first time on the global stage at the SPS IPC Drives. This is the leading trade fair for smart, digital automation, which takes place between 27th and 29th November in Nuremberg. With this evolution, WERMA presents a simple solution to the often complex problem of selecting the appropriate signalling technology. The clear, modular system covers virtually all application fields, so that everyone can easily and quickly select the ideal signalling solution. At the trade fair, WERMA will also demonstrate its process optimisation systems, to show that practical solutions are available for tackling the challenges posed by Industry 4.0, digitisation and networking.

SPS IPC Drives 2018: WERMA presents Evo<em>SIGNAL</em> – a modular system to quickly find the right signalling solution
WERMA EvoSIGNAL – find the right signalling solution quickly and easily

EvoSIGNAL – find the right signalling solution quickly and easily
The purpose of signal devices is to alert, guide and protect. The type of optical and audible signalisation depends on the relevant application and environment. Until now, selecting the appropriate signal device was often challenging and complex owing to the large number of variants available. The latest evolution from the Rietheim-based signalling technology specialist provides an answer to this problem. With WERMA’s EvoSIGNAL, finding the right signal device is easier than ever: a clear, modular system optimally covers virtually all application fields. In just a few steps, potential customers are guided to the right product for their requirements – as a result, incorrect purchases and time-consuming return processes are now a thing of the past. This makes EvoSIGNAL the new standard solution in the field of signalling technology – modular, simple and clearly structured.

In future, WERMA’s new products, available in three size classes (Mini/Midi/Maxi) in conjunction with optical/audible signalling options and mounting adapters, will cover all areas of application – currently, only EvoSIGNAL can achieve this. The number of versions has been reduced to 20% of the previous range, which means less effort with fewer part numbers. Despite this reduction, WERMA’s intelligent combination options now perfectly cover a wide range of applications while simultaneously ensuring full compatibility with predecessor products, for instance in case replacements are necessary.

“In only three steps, the ideal signalling product can be easily found with the help of our Quickfinder or our online configurator. Select the size – choose the type of signalling – select the installation option – and you’re done! This makes selection easy and in future will also prevent incorrect purchases when it comes to choosing the right signalling solution,” explains Michael Groll, Head of Strategic Marketing at WERMA Signaltechnik. “Furthermore, our EvoSIGNAL customers of course also benefit from our "Best-in-class philosophy". Our customers need not compromise on anything in terms of intuitive installation, durability, approvals, audible signals and light effects with twin functions that can also be used for escalation purposes,” adds Winfried Huber, Head of Sales in Germany.

WERMA process optimisation systems
In Nuremberg, WERMA will also be presenting solutions that make Industry 4.0, digitalisation and networking tangible and that can be directly implemented in practice. When it comes to wireless, innovative process optimisation systems for industry, production and shipping logistics, a wireless communication system is used to uniquely connect machines, manual workstations or FIFO flow racks. These are simple, retrofit, out-of-the-box solutions for reducing downtime and triggering automatic material replenishment requests.

  • StockSAVER: Implements a third-generation kanban system in production logistics
  • SmartMONITOR: The smart alternative to machine data acqui-sition systems for production environments
  • AndonSPEED: Unique Andon system for optimising processes in packaging and shipping operations

Discover the intelligent, wireless retrofit process optimisation systems for yourself and see how easily and quickly you are able to find the right signalling solution with EvoSIGNAL. Visit WERMA at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg (Hall 8/Stand 8 218).

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