WIN transmitter control KS 71 24VAC/DC

  • Only suitable for North America
  • Manual switching with the wireless system (initiate/control/call system
  • etc.)
  • Head of Line function
  • Logic module can link the status of other transmitters with logic
  • commands to the WIN slave/transmitter control
Part No.: 860.640.25
Voltage: 24V AC/DC
Protection rating: IP65
Diameter in mm: 70 mm
Height in mm: 66 mm
  • FCC
  • IC
  • RED

$ 1,466.56*


$ 1,466.56*

Mechanical data
Height 66 mm
Diameter 70 mm
Materials PC
Housing colour Black
Protection category IP65
Connection USB
Working temperature minimum -20°C
Working temperature maximum +50°C
Weight with packaging 95 g
Product weight 77 g
Electrical data
Operating voltage 24V
Operating voltage type AC/DC
Operating voltage frequency 50Hz
Operating voltage tolerance +/- 10%
Rated operational voltage 24 VDC
Rated operational current 70 mA
Rated inrush current <1A
Protection class Protection class 2
Pollution degree 3
connectivity WIN
860.640.08 - Connection Set BWM 115-230VAC BK 0+1

Connection Set BWM 115-230VAC BK 0+1

Ideal supplement to WIN (Wireless Information Network) to expand the

$ 331.36

WIN is equipped with several protection mechanisms, which prevent the transmissions being intercepted. In addition, confidential data from the WIN system will not transmitted wirelessly.
If the status of the signal tower changes, the WIN transmitter sends this new status to the WIN receiver within 5 seconds. If the signal status does not change, the WIN transmitter transmits the signal status every 15 seconds.
You can do the following:
• Data will only be logged, whilst the WIN software is working. Make sure that this is the case during the monitoring period.
• Check the connection quality in the Routing Module. If there are red connection lines, you should use more WIN transmitter as repeaters. Simply position a WIN transmitter at the critical location (Optimize transmission range see chapter 7.6.4).
• Ensure that a permanent 24V supply is connected to terminal 5 of each WIN transmitter.

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