Intelligent signal technology from WERMA

Clever solutions that simply work

WERMA signalling devices make working environments safe and processes more efficient – whether used on machines or systems, in factory halls or entire buildings.

Our product range combines maximum flexibility, optimal visibility and simple installation. In addition, we are already offering intelligent and networked solutions that will make your processes leaner, faster and better.


Signal towers

Modular and preconfigured signal towers for reliable and safe signalling of various states.

Systeme zur Prozessoptimierung

Systems for optimising production

Record the statuses of all workstations and machines from the central control station to identify weak points quickly and clearly.

Signalleuchten und Ampeln

Signal Beacons and Traffic Lights

Identify risks and impending threats promptly and clearly by colour, type and duration of the signal.

Hupen und Sirenen

Horns and Sirens

Acoustic signals warn, protect and guide us. They are used where signalling with lights is insufficient.

Optisch-Akustische Kombinationen

Optical-audible combinations

Combinations of visual and acoustic signals are extremely reliable and provide high degrees of safety in hazardous situations.



Compile your ideal product with only a few clicks using our various configurators.