WERMA Webinar
Pre-assembled stack light solutions for a variety of demanding applications

Monday, June 18th 2018, at 4pm

WERMA Werbinar

Whether used on machinery equipment, manual workstations or for point-of-sale systems, stack lights reliably signal different statuses and conditions. Signaling provides your application with greater safety and security while considerably reducing response times.

A pre-assembled stack light with just one part number provides a wide range of benefits and a design option to meet a variety of application requirements. It not only makes the selection very simple, but also addresses different industry and application requirements.

Get to know the benefits of pre-assembled stack light series and how they can address your environmental and design challenges.

Target group

  • End users
  • Controls Engineers / Design Engineers


June 18th 2018, at 4pm – 4:30pm

About the speaker

Janina Klaiber is VP of Sales at WERMA USA.

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