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28 Apr 2022

WeASSIST – process optimisation in one minute!

WERMA offers a cross-industry, cloud-based solution for monitoring and optimising all processes

WeASSIST is an innovative plug & play solution for comprehensive permanent monitoring of all your production and logistics processes – cloud-based, easy to install, quickly retrofittable and widely scalable. Whether used on machines or systems, in logistics areas or at manual workstations – WeASSIST by WERMA ensures transparency, digitally and in real time. This helps you to identify problems before they arise and to constantly optimise processes.

WeASSIST – stay on top of things in real time.

WeASSIST by WERMA is the ideal solution for all companies aiming to bring full transparency to their entire value chain. The cross-industry cloud solution consists of hardware and software and turns networking and Industry 4.0 into reality quickly, easily, and without involving major installation work or programming. This lets you easily implement comprehensive monitoring and constant optimisation of all manufacturing processes – digital, cloud-based and scalable at any time.

All relevant data is clearly displayed regardless of the source (manufacturer, type and age of machines or manual workstations). Unlike complex MDC/MES systems or IoT solutions, WeASSIST allows you to easily identify and evaluate every optimisation potential: in real time and from anywhere.

WeASSIST – get started quickly!

The cloud-based solution by WERMA, which can be retrofitted at any time, enables process optimisation in one minute: Simply integrate the hardware into workstations or machines and activate software access. Then configure the hardware, software and individual dashboards, assign roles and users – and you are done. All integrated machines and workstations will immediately report their status directly to the software via a gateway. This allows problems to be identified right away and processes to be optimised constantly through analyses – optimisation has never been so easy.

WeASSIST offers immediate and full transparency regarding all workstations, machines and systems and delivers reports at the touch of a button to facilitate constant optimisation of all processes. The system is flexible and can be retrofitted at any time, allowing you to easily upgrade existing machines or workstations.

WeASSIST – optimisation in one minute!

Being "out of the box" solutions, the hardware and software are quick to deploy. And WeASSIST can be easily integrated into existing structures as a retrofit solution. Because it is a cloud solution, you can always stay on top of things from anywhere using any devices. This means process optimisation has never been so easy – WERMA calls it “process optimisation in one minute”.

WeASSIST – every big solution can start small!

WeASSIST gives you all the options you need to implement process optimisation based on your specific requirements. Regardless of whether you want to start small, big or somewhere in between: This solution is easily scalable and can be adapted to specific production or shipping infrastructures at any time due to its modular design.

In addition, the software-assisted configuration also makes individual control and visualisation options possible. As a result, you can effortlessly adapt the system to suit your own processes and situation.

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