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25 Oct 2021

In 7 colours around the world!

LED installation beacon 240 Multicolour – now with UL approval and highest protection rating IP69k

The compact LED installation beacon 240 Multicolour from WERMA is now also available with UL approval required for the USA as well as the high protection rating IP69k. This continues the success story of this small, attention-grabbing product and enables it to be used under extreme conditions around the world.

UL approval for worldwide use

WERMA Signaltechnik now offers an optimised version of the established and successful 240 Multicolour LED installation beacon: The compact beacon combines up to seven colours in one beacon (red, yellow, green, white, blue, purple and turquoise) and now also has IP69K highest protection rating as well as UL approval.

In contrast to the CE-mark, UL certification is not required by law. However, WERMA Signaltechnik has decided to certify the LED installation beacon 240 in accordance with UL standards. This means that the product can be used worldwide and guarantees product safety  globally. This approval plays an important role in the North American market in particular and is one of the most important marks of conformity here. This is because the UL certification mark stands for the proven conformity of a product with the safety regulations of the USA and Canada.

High protection rating IP69K for the highest requirements

The IP69K standard is the highest protection class for electrical equipment, guaranteeing protection against solid objects, liquids, steam and dust. Water penetration is not possible, even at short distances, very high pressure, and high temperatures. This makes it easy to work with high-pressure systems.

Common application examples can be found in the mobile machinery, food processing, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, where all equipment must meet washdown requirements and be regularly exposed to high-pressure water jets.

Versatile applications

The LED installation beacon 240 combines a large, bright and attention-grabbing illuminated surface with excellent visibility and robustness. It has a diameter of 55 mm and rises 46 mm above the surface when installed. It is therefore the perfect choice if installation space is limited.

Thanks to the seven colours, it can be used in a variety of ways: It can signal malfunctions or statuses at the control console of a machine, in the machine housing or on control cabinets, for example. Thanks to its compact size, it is also ideal for automation applications and large plants with numerous process stages.

Compact, bright all around and now even better

The LEDs radiate an all-round powerful light, so the signal is clearly visible from all angles. And thanks to the frosted dome, the light effect is pleasant and homogenous. Despite all these features, the installation beacon is extremely efficient and needs only 40 to 130 mA, depending on variant.

The beacon can also be supplied in combination with an attention-grabbing buzzer. The buzzer emits a 3,400 Hz pulse tone signal with a volume of 85 dB.

Extremely simple mounting and maintenance free LED

Thanks to its M30 installation size, the signal device can be easily mounted. Bit-encoded controlling allows the three basic colours green, yellow and red to be displayed using just two PLC outputs. With additional outputs, blue, turquoise, violet and white can also be activated.

Once it has been installed, there is no need to give the beacon a second thought: you have a durable and reliably maintenance free beacon at your disposal, with a long service life of up to 50,000 hours.

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