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12 May 2021

AndonWIRELESS – the freely configurable call-for-action system

WERMA offers a professional call-for-action system for optimising processes in Production, Logistics and Manual workstations

The new WERMA Andon WirelessSET is the quick and easy way to report, display and rectify problems in real-time. This wireless-based system features a clever button box - the Andon WirelessBOX. Now you can report problems at the push of a button instead of having to shout or leave your station. This helps optimise processes in Logistics and Production, at manual workstations, in material replenishment or in access-control applications at doors and gates.

The Andon WirelessBOX can be operated on internal batteries. This allows you to use it as a stand-alone system that is perfect for mobile applications, e.g. on forklifts or pallet trucks. The new Andon WirelessSET will make your processes more streamlined and efficient than ever and keep your operation future-proof and flexible.

What does Andon mean?

The term Andon originates in Japan and refers to a lantern, i.e. a simple visual signal. The use of Andons is fundamental to the Toyota Production System, in which self-explanatory symbols are used to communicate functions and sequences of machines or to visualise processes.

WERMA Signaltechnik has refined this original function: Andon WirelessSET is a unique, intelligent, wireless call-for-action system specifically designed for manufacturing operations, manual workstations and logistics and shipping centres.

Why set up an Andon system?

With the new Andon WirelessSET, calls-for-action can be made quickly and easily directly from the workstation. The operator presses a button to indicate a specific, previously-defined call-for-action or to request help. This allows colleagues to respond immediately, avoiding long waiting times and eliminating the need for lengthy transport routes.

The message acknowledgement function allows the current status to be visible to all parties. Acknowledgements can also be sent from another box. For example, an operator reports a material shortage using their Andon WirelessBOX and the logistics specialist acknowledges receipt of this notification via their box.

The individual boxes in the system can also communicate with each other. For instance, the driver of a forklift truck can press a button on their Andon WirelessBOX to report or acknowledge their status to other boxes in the system without involving a signal tower.

The signal towers and buttons use standard traffic light colours. This helps to overcome language barriers and even untrained or seasonal employees can use the system immediately. The illumination of the buttons can also be freely configured.

What components do I need for my system?

All you need is a WERMA signal tower with its power supply, a transceiver for signal reception, an Andon WirelessBOX (either with 2 or 5 buttons), a USB cable and supply and the configuration software.

If you want to get started right away, order a pre-configured Andon WirelessSET. It is available in two versions (2- or 5-button). Alternatively, you can put together your own individual set using our Quick Finder.

Is your production environment already equipped with WERMA signal towers? Then you can quickly and easily retrofit the plug & play transceivers, attach the Andon WirelessBOXes and set up your system using the configuration software.

What are the benefits of the system?

The new Andon WirelessSET is not only quick to install and ready to use, but also simple and self-explanatory. The Andon WirelessBOX requires no wiring, avoiding the need for an electrician which saves both staff resources and time. The system allows single or multiple signal towers to be controlled with single or multiple boxes. The box(es) mirror the status of the signal tower.

Software-assisted configuration enables you to select individual control and visualisation options. This allows you to adapt the system to your own processes and circumstances (e.g. how many boxes access a tower, how messages are acknowledged etc.).

The Andon WirelessBOX can be mounted in two ways: screw-mounted as standard or mounted using a strong 3M industrial hook-and-loop tape, which affords you great flexibility when choosing where to attach or mount the box.

What are the functions of the clever buttons?

The new Andon WirelessBOX is available with either 2 or 5 buttons and can be operated using either a USB power supply or internal batteries. The push buttons can be individually configured to mirrors the colours of the signal tower.

The buttons also have a handy acknowledgement function that can be used to confirm completed tasks. The status LED display shows you connection status, , successful transmissions, transmission errors and also gives low battery warning.

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