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22 Feb 2021

Bright and widely visible: The new LED rotating mirror beacon from WERMA

Whether at entrances, underground garages or car parks, on factory premises, in mechanical and plant engineering or as a classic warning light - rotating mirror beacons are widely used nowadays. This is why WERMA Signaltechnik is expanding its existing range with the bright, energy-efficient and long-lasting 883 LED rotating mirror beacon.

This signal lamp impresses with its modern design and high light intensity. In addition, the high-quality housing with protection rating IP 65 enables use outdoors.

Why rotating mirror beacon with LED?

The new 883 LED rotating mirror beacon complements the existing WERMA product range perfectly: It impresses with its clean, simple and functional design, as well as its energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and long-lasting LED light source. An even higher light intensity and an even greater signal effect are also possible. The new LED lights achieve attention-grabbing signalling over longer distances and emit light over a range of 360 degrees. The inward-rotating mirror almost gives the viewer the impression of a flash.

Where are LED rotating mirror beacons used?

Typically, the signal lamp 883 is used to issue warnings outdoors, such as on a door or a barrier. Thanks to the extremely bright LED technology inside the new rotating mirror beacon, visibility is guaranteed even in direct sunlight.

The signal effect is also extremely high when used indoors, in the area around large machines or extensive plants and is amplified by the resulting reflections on walls or surfaces. A change in status can also be recognised if you do not look directly into the signal lamp.

The LED revolving signal beacon 884 also offers a variant with special Fresnel lenses, such as those used in light towers. These characteristic lenses attract maximum attention and a high long-range effect through light bundling, even over long distances and in poor visibility conditions.

How is the LED rotating mirror beacon mounted?

The LED rotating mirror beacon 883 is easy to install on a door or on a bracket. The usual simple connection without removing the mechanical assembly is also guaranteed with the new signal lamp.

In order to prevent vandalism or accidental destruction of the lamp, a robust wire protection basket made of stainless steel can be attached. This protection can also be easily mounted.

Wherever luminous, long-lasting signaling is required, the LED rotating mirror beacon 883 is a suitable solution.

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Bright and widely visible: The new LED rotating mirror beacon from WERMA