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17 Aug 2020

Join WERMA at the latest free Lean Workshop Group training event

Due to the Corona virus outbreak all future events have been temporarily suspended. Please check for updates

Find out how lean organisations can reduce wastage continually in their manufacturing and logistics operations. See at first hand examples of lean process improvement being put into practice and Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies being adopted. Learn how all of this can lead to higher quality and greater efficiency at the free practical workshops with live demonstrations and hands on involvement by the attendees.
The Lean Workshop Group is a long established organisation run by a number of leading manufacturers of a diverse range of process and manufacturing optimisation systems used throughout UK industry in production and logistics areas. 
Free training events are held throughout the year at a variety of locations and offer the opportunity for practical training to be given in the latest techniques through practical workshops.

The full size manufacturing and logistics training equipment embody the latest developments in Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies. The equipment is demonstrated in a wide range of applications to show how effectively Lean Manufacturing handles present-day requirements in manufacturing, assembly and logistics operations. The training event includes practical and interactive sessions during which the delegates will use the equipment to put into practice Lean and Industry 4.0 techniques. There is also ample opportunity for delegates to discuss their own specific problems and requirements with the group partners.
Topics covered include: Visual Management, 5S (Workplace Organisation), Standard Operation Development, Work Content and Workplace Design, Logistics Operations, KANBAN systems, Andon light systems, Intelligent Sensor Technology, Fundamental Skills Training, Cordless Power tools, Automated Guidance Vehicles (AGV’s), Industry 4.0 Applications.
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