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29 Aug 2019

EvoSIGNAL – the quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling system

Signal devices warn, guide and protect. The type of visual and acoustic signals used depends on the application and the surroundings. Until now, selecting suitable signal devices has often been difficult and complicated due to the large number of options available. Thanks to EvoSIGNAL by WERMA, it easier than ever before to find the right signal device: the simple, modular system covers almost all fields of application. EvoSIGNAL is the new standard solution for the signalling sector.

Evo<em>SIGNAL</em> – the quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling system
EvoSIGNAL covers practically all areas of application and is suitable for signalling on machines and plant, for example.

Just three steps to find the optimum solution

Customers are guided to the perfect product for their particular application in just a few steps – making the problems of incorrect purchases and time-consuming exchange processes a thing of the past. “With the help of our Quickfinder or our online configurator, it’s easy to put together the ideal signalling product. Select the size – specify the type of signalling – choose the type of assembly – done!”, says Michael Groll, Marketing Manager at WERMA Signaltechnik.

“With EvoSIGNAL, our customers also benefit from our ‘best-in-class philosophy’, of course, because it goes without saying that no compromise is necessary when it comes to intuitive assembly, robustness, certification, acoustics or light effects with twin functions – which can also be used for escalation", adds Winfried Huber, Head of Sales and Distribution, Germany.

Three size categories and maximum flexibility

There are three size categories (MINI, MIDI and MAXI) to choose from in combination with optical/acoustic signalling options and ingenious mounting adapters. These cover all types of application – and with significantly fewer variants. 

  • EvoSIGNAL MINI offers ‘close-range’ solutions. This small signal device is ideal for signalling over short distances.
  • EvoSIGNAL MIDI was designed for signalling predominantly over medium distances and allows optical, optical-acoustic or purely acoustic signalling.
  • EvoSIGNAL MAXI covers long distances that require an attention-grabbing optical signal.

The optical signalling option combines two light effects in one item number. The “TwinLIGHT” allows the user to choose between an LED continuous light and an LED flashing light. The “TwinFLASH” optical element attracts even more attention: In addition to the LED flashing light, the LED EVS function can also be used as an alternative. ‘EVS’ (Elektronische Verbesserung der Sichtbarkeit) is an enhanced visibility system. The stochastic flickering light flickers randomly, achieving an optimised attention factor. This combats the familiarisation effect and the brain cannot escape the stimulus.

Clever mounting adapters

EvoSIGNAL offers a complete product range with a significantly reduced number of variants: Using clever combination options, it was possible to reduce the number of variants to 20 % of the previous number, while still ensuring full compatibility with previous products. This means less effort, thanks to fewer item numbers and the option of replacing existing products at any time with EvoSIGNAL.

Furthermore, the clever mounting adapters make it possible to fix the units to the floor, to a tube or to a bracket. A built-in mounting with an M22 or PG29 thread is also possible thanks to the mounting adapters.

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