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26 Aug 2019

MOTEK 2019 – intelligently networked signal technology live in action

At MOTEK in Stuttgart, visitors can see WERMA Signaltechnik’s process-optimisation systems live in action and will be able to thoroughly test WERMA’s practical answer to the challenging questions raised by Industry 4.0 Digitisation and Networking. WERMA will also be showcasing the new Multicolour 240 Beacon, a compact signal device with up to seven colours, along with the modular, simple and user-friendly “EvoSIGNAL” system.

MOTEK 2019 – intelligently networked signal technology live in action
At MOTEK in Stuttgart, visitors can see WERMA’s retrofittable systems and ingenious Industry 4.0 solutions live in action, in combination with a workplace and flow rack produced by Asstec

Compact and bright all round: Multicolour 240 Beacon

With its new LED Installation Beacon Multicolour 240, WERMA now offers a compact signal device with up to seven colours in a single beacon: red, yellow, green, white, blue, violet und turquoise. A tricolour version is available as an alternative, combining the most common colours, red, yellow and green, in one signal device. This makes it possible to signal several different situations with just one device! The beacon can also be supplied in combination with an attention-grabbing buzzer. This compact signal device is the perfect choice if installation space is limited. It can signal faults or statuses at the control console of a machine, in the machine housing or on control cabinets, for example.

The quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling solution: EvoSIGNAL

With EvoSIGNAL, the new and user-friendly modular standard system for signalling, it has never been easier to find the right signal device: “The ideal signalling product is easily put together in just three steps: Select the size – specify the type of signalling – choose the type of assembly – done! This makes it easy to choose a product and avoids mistaken purchases when selecting a suitable signalling solution”, says Winfried Huber, WERMA’s Head of Sales in Germany. With three different size categories (Mini/Midi/Maxi) in combination with optical and acoustic signalling options and assembly adapters, the new products from WERMA now cover all areas of application.

Live in action: Process-optimisation systems

In Stuttgart, WERMA will also present ready-made solutions that make Industry 4.0 Digitisation and Networking tangible, accessible and ready for implementation in practice. Our wireless, innovative process-optimisation systems for industry, production and shipping logistics are the first in the world to network machines, manual workstations or FIFO racks via radio communication.

What is particularly exciting for the visitors is that the systems will be presented live in action at the trade fair stand and can be really put to the test:

  • SmartMONITOR: This smart alternative to machine data acquisition systems is the ideal solution for manufacturing companies and offers a simple, retrofittable solution for reducing downtime.
  • StockSAVER: Implements third-generation Kanban in production logistics. This will be demonstrated in action at MOTEK in combination with an Asstec flow rack.
  • AndonSPEED: This unique Andon system for optimising processes in shipping businesses can be experienced live at an Asstec workplace.

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