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01 Jul 2019

The new multicolour 240 series LED Installation Beacon

Compact installation beacon with up to seven colours

The new multicolour 240 series LED Installation Beacon
The compact Installation Beacon 240 combines up to seven colours in a single beacon

With its new 240 series LED Installation Beacon Multicolour, WERMA now offers a compact signal device with up to seven colours in a single beacon: red, yellow, green, white, blue, violet und turquoise. A tricolour version is available as an alternative, combining the most common colours, red, yellow and green in just the one beacon. The beacon can be actuated via either a simple cable connection or a pre-assembled M12 plug – for plug & play. This allows you to signal several different statuses with just one device! The beacon can also be supplied with an attention-grabbing buzzer.

Compact and bright all round
The diameter of the new 240 series LED Installation Beacon is 55 mm and sits 46 mm above the surface upon which it is installed. This makes the beacon the ideal choice if installation space is limited. It can be used to signal faults or statuses on control panels machinery and equipment.

The LEDs produce an extremely bright all-round light picture. The frosted lens cap creates a pleasant and warm light picture. The installation beacon is extremely economical to run requiring just 45 to 60 mA.

Attracting even more attention
In many situations it is necessary to reinforce the effect of the optical signal by adding an audible signal. The new 240 combination device options provides the optimum solution of an extremely bright LED beacon with a loud buzzer emitting 85 dB, thus making the product a real attention grabber.

Extremely simple installation and maintenance-free LED
Thanks to its M30 installation size, the signal device can be easily in-stalled with single-hole mounting. Bit-encoded actuation allows the three basic colours green, yellow and red to be displayed using just two PLC outputs.  With additional outputs, blue, turquoise, violet and white can also be activated.

Once it has been installed, there is no need to give the beacon a second thought: you have a long-lasting and reliable maintenance-free beacon at your disposal, with a long service life of up to 50,000 hours. With its IP 65 protection category, it is can withstand dust and water ingress.

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