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28 Feb 2019

Hannover Messe 2019: WERMA presents systems for process optimisation

WERMA presents clever, retrofittable networking solutions for production, logistics and shipping.

At Hannover Messe 2019, WERMA Signaltechnik will be exhibiting intelligently networked signal technology under the heading of The Digital Factory. With easily retrofittable systems and ingenious Industry 4.0 solutions, networking for companies of all sizes is easy to implement. In this context, WERMA is not just talking about digitisation and Industry 4.0, but offers perfectly suited and well-proven solutions: complete packages with innovative, retrofittable and intelligent systems. In addition, WERMA provides the ideal signalling solution with its new EvoSIGNAL range. This streamlined, modular system optimally covers practically all areas of application.

Hannover Messe 2019: WERMA presents systems for process optimisation
WERMA networks production and logistics, Hannover Messe 2019 (Hall 7, Stand A37)

WERMA creates networks for production, logistics and shipping!
In an industrial environment, many companies are facing the challenge of organising their material supplies, manufacturing processes and shipping logistics as efficiently as possible – despite the trend towards ever increasing customisation. So far there have been very few practical solutions available in the field of digitisation, networking and Industry 4.0 that can also ideally be retrofitted easily and successively.
Here, WERMA has the perfect solution – with ready-made systems that not only work straight out of the box and can be immediately deployed, but can also be easily expanded at any time. This means that companies of all sizes can use and reap the benefits of networking and digitisation.

In detail: WERMA systems
At the trade fair in Hanover, WERMA will be concentrating not only on its classic signal devices but also on solutions that make Industry 4.0 tangible, appreciable and immediately applicable in practice. Our wireless, innovative systems for process optimisation in manufacturing, logistics and shipping are the first in the world to network machines, manual workstations or FIFO racks via radio communication. They are simple, retrofittable and ready-made solutions for reducing downtime and controlling automatic material replenishment.

All WERMA solutions have been tried and tested many times in practice – by medium-sized companies as well as renowned global corporations. In addition to a short payback period, the solutions in the field show that they optimise processes sustainably and thus save time and money in the long term.

In Hanover, WERMA will be presenting three systems that demonstrate the easy way to network existing systems – allowing visitors to experience Industry 4.0 in a tangible way:

  • StockSAVER: Implements third-generation Kanban in production logistics.
  • SmartMONITOR: The smart alternative to machine data acquisition systems for manufacturing companies (including integrating manual workstations
  • AndonSPEED: Unique Andon system for optimising processes in shipping and packaging stations

EvoSIGNAL – the quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling

Until now, selecting suitable signal devices has often been difficult and complicated due to the large number of options available. The latest evolution from the Rietheim-based signal technology specialist now promises a solution. EvoSIGNAL from WERMA makes it easier than ever before to find a suitable signal device: the simple and modular system covers almost all fields of application. Customers are guided to the perfect product for their particular application in just a few steps – making the problems of incorrect purchases and time-consuming exchange processes a thing of the past. EvoSIGNAL is the new modular, simple and clear standard solution for the signalling sector.

These ingenious, easily retrofittable and wireless solutions for process optimisation, which can be used straight out of the box, will be on show at Hannover Messe from 1 to 5 April, 2019, at Stand A37 in Hall 7, along with intelligent signalling technology highlights from Europe's leading manufacturer.

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