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12 Feb 2019

LogiMAT 2019: WERMA presents clever retrofit solutions for process optimisation

At LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, WERMA Signaltechnik will present clever retrofit solutions that have already proven their worth many times in real-world applications: Both SMEs and renowned global corporations use StockSAVER, a solution that eradicates errors in Kanban processes, and AndonSPEED, the unique Andon system for optimising processes in the shipping sector.

StockSAVER – third-generation Kanban
StockSAVER is a simple retrofit solution for all FIFO gravity flow racks that makes third-generation Kanban in production logistics a reality. StockSAVER has eradicated previous Kanban problems: First-generation Kanban has limited transparency within processes due to lost Kanban cards or delayed handover of Kanban cards. The introduction of scanned postings in second- generation Kanban only partially eliminated these problems. This system also has to contend with forgotten scans, faults caused by incorrect postings and racks being loaded incorrectly.

In WERMA's third-generation Kanban, intelligent signal points in the FIFO racks guarantee full transparency of material stocks. They also prevent supplies running out and rule out product misplacement.

StockSAVER successfully employed
StockSAVER is used, for instance, by the globally active automotive supplier Auto-Kabel, as a simple retrofit solution that prevents materials running out and machines coming to a standstill. Thanks to StockSAVER, Auto-Kabel now has full transparency across all stocks in the FIFO racks and a reliable, transparent and retrofittable system for controlling material replenishment. This clever process optimisation system prevents FIFO racks from running out of supplies, remedies typical Kanban problems and gradually reduces previously necessary safety stock to a minimum.

Huge advantages even after the first test run
“We were able to reduce downtimes and safety stock immediately after commissioning the system. This project paid for itself within only six weeks”, says Maik Engelhardt, pilot project leader in the Auto-Kabel Industrial Engineering department, with satisfaction. “Furthermore, machine operators no longer have to leave their workstations to order supplies from logistics agents. The StockSAVER software informs logistics agents in the warehouse of supply requirements and priorities automatically and in good time.”

AndonSPEED - The solution for packing and shipping workstations
AndonSPEED is a unique call-for-action-system developed especially for dispatch centres. This solution for packing and shipping workstations displays problems when and where they arise. In contrast to conventional Andon tools, AndonSPEED not only signals faults quickly and clearly, it also documents and analyses unproductive downtime.

Optimised shipping workstations with AndonSPEED
Many renowned shipping companies, globally active industrial suppliers and industrial companies with large dispatch centres use WERMA's innovative and clever wireless system to optimise shipping logistics processes. “The WERMA system is the ideal solution for us”, says the head of the warehouse dispatch centre of a large automotive supplier, for instance. “It always irked me to see that employees had run out of supplies or that they had to leave their workstations to address every problem.”

Today, employees simply press a button located directly on their workstations as soon as they require material supplies or support. A signal tower positioned above and easily visible throughout the entire hall immediately signals the problem. The accompanying software simultaneously transfers the signal to a PC in the team leader's office where it is also visualised on the large control station screen.

“The signal towers immediately report their signals to the central control station using the integrated, wireless messaging system to facilitate a prompt response. This saves time and money and ensures that the logistics process is optimised and transparent”, says Manuel Schutzbach of the WERMA Technical Sales department.

These clever, easily retrofittable and wireless solutions for process optimisation work straight out of the box. They can be seen at the WERMA exhibition stand at LogiMAT in hall 1, stand D16.

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