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17 Jul 2018

PACK EXPO & Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2018: CleanSIGN – the LED Signal Tower Specifically for Hygiene Areas

Syracuse, NY, July 6, 2018 – WERMA, a pioneer for visual and audible signal devices, will be showing innovative hygienic design signaling solutions and systems for process optimization in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing at PACK EXPO in Chicago from 14th – 17th October 2018. The co-located Healthcare Packaging EXPO is the main event for packaging solutions where top pharma companies attend and getting an overview about the latest hygienic design solutions.

PACK EXPO & Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2018: Clean<em>SIGN</em> – the LED Signal Tower Specifically for Hygiene Areas
WERMA CleanSIGN is specifically designed and certified for use in pharmaceutical industry, clean rooms and all hygienic areas

Why Hygienic Design?
In the food and drink industry, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, or during the manufacture of electronic components, high demands are placed on hygiene. This requirement applies to both employees as well as the machinery, equipment and accessories used.

Furthermore, the danger of food poisoning, contamination and product recall actions intensifies the pressure in this area. The necessity of reliable hygiene standards and rigorously implemented norms and guidelines is increasing in importance. This attention begins with the construction and planning of new equipment.

What is Hygienic Design?
The term “Hygienic Design” stands for the hygienic and cleaning-friendly construction of all machinery, equipment and components, deployed in hygiene-relevant areas of food and drink, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotech production processes. In addition, Hygienic Design includes design principles for the prevention of design weak spots that could potentially increase hygiene related dangers or the risk of an infection, illness or disease transmission.

WERMA has the solution: The LED signal tower CleanSIGN
WERMA already has the appropriate solution to a challenge that mechanical engineers and food manufacturers will have to face in the future: The new LED signal tower CleanSIGN

These signal towers were especially developed and constructed for use in food and hygiene areas. From the very start, the existing standards and directives (e.g. EHEDG documents 8 and 13, machinery directive 2006/42/EG) were rigorously implemented, and experts and specialists in the field of hygiene consulted (e.g. TU Munich, Fraunhofer Institut).

Wide range of sophisticated design features
The CleanSIGN from WERMA is equipped with a series of sophisticated technical, construction and design features which make a significant contribution to the safety of your products. For example, thanks to its compact construction it doesn’t have any uneven surfaces, grooves or joints where dirt could collect. This feature prevents impurities, significantly reducing the risk of contamination.

The chamfer of at least 3° as called for by the EHEDG has been rigorously applied in the design of the CleanSIGN. The 30° chamfer of the upper housing and bracket guarantees the rapid drainage of liquids, quick cleaning and easy inspection.

Cleaning-friendly design saves time and money
Thanks to the CleanSIGN’s cleaning-friendly design, cleaning times are significantly reduced and the simple, residue-free removal of dirt is guaranteed. In addition, savings are made in terms of energy and cleaning agent.

The Polyamide housing of the CleanSIGN is approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and is consequently food safe and resistant to cleaning and disinfectant agents. Furthermore, the tower’s connection element and mounting bracket are all of one piece. Thus additional joints where dirt could collect are avoided.

Simple mounting and long-life duration
A so called “Pine Tree Clip” (quick-action fixture) enables quick and simple mounting. The attachment and connection of the tower is carried out from the rear. As a consequence, the housing is completely closed and drill holes are avoided.

Furthermore, thanks to the LED technology employed, the light intensive CleanSIGN is maintenance free and equipped with a life duration of up to 50,000 hours. In addition, the integrated high volume buzzer ensures the signalling of all people outside the visible range.

AndonSPEED for the warehouse
Ideal for warehouse operations, this design has a unique, intelligent and innovative call-for-action system. Not only are disruptions to the process indicated by the Andon lights immediately and clearly this data is also collected wirelessly and documented thereby enabling further analysis of unproductive time. Response to disruptions and downtime will save time long-term. The wirelessly networked system will also provide a central control station overview of activities and can send e-mails calling for action automatically.

Meet Michael O‘Neill, President WERMA USA Inc. at PACK EXPO
Come and see us at PACK EXPO in Chicago (East building, booth 8728) and see for yourself our hygienic design signaling solutions and intelligent warehousing and logistics wireless process optimization systems. You will also have the opportunity to meet our President of WERMA USA Inc. Michael O’Neill. Not only does he run the local WERMA company in North America he is also responsible for all PR work. Come along and talk to Michael and see for yourself our latest products. We look forward to your visit.


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