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14 Jun 2018

IMTS 2018: WERMA presents intelligent systems for process optimization

Syracuse, NY, June 15, 2018 – WERMA, a pioneer for visual and audible signal devices, will be showing innovative systems for process optimization in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics at IMTS show in Chicago from 10th – 15th September 2018. The IMTS is indisputably the year’s most comprehensive event for new manufacturing technologies on the continent - and the one that will change your prospectives.

IMTS 2018: WERMA presents intelligent systems for process optimization
WERMA AndonSPEED: Speed up your logistics process.

SmartMONITOR for manufacturing organisations
By wirelessly networking stack lights WERMA offers a simple yet effective cost effective and easy to retro-fit alternative to traditional machine data collection systems. The system delivers quick and uncomplicated relevant data on machines, equipment and manual work-stations at just the touch of a button. Reaction time to issues can be reduced, the manufacturing process optimized and the user will no longer be unaware of downtime and disruptions. All the activities monitored are detailed in easy-to-produce reports which can contribute to lasting improvement measures to the processes being made.

AndonSPEED for the warehouse
Ideal for warehouse operations, this design has a unique, intelligent and innovative call-for-action system. Not only are disruptions to the process indicated by the Andon lights immediately and clearly this data is also collected wirelessly and documented thereby enabling further analysis of unproductive time. Response to disruptions and downtime will save time long-term. The wirelessly networked system will also provide a central control station overview of activities and can send e-mails calling for action automatically.

Meet Michael O‘Neill, President WERMA USA Inc.
Come and see us at IMTS in Chicago (East building level 2, booth 121054) and see for yourself our intelligent production and logistics wireless process optimization systems. You will also have the opportunity to meet our President of WERMA USA Inc. Michael O’Neill. Not only does he run the local WERMA company in North America he is also responsible for all PR work. Come along and talk to Michael and see for yourself our latest products. We look forward to your visit.

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