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19 Oct 2017

SPS IPC Drives 2017 - We make networking happen

WERMA demonstrates its network intelligent systems in Nürnberg

WERMA Signaltechnik, for years now the European market leader for the design and manufacture of signal technology products has been hard at work again with new ideas. At the 2017 SPS IPC Drives show WERMA will be showing its latest intelligent networked systems which are easy to retrofit and which offer companies of any size Industry 4.0 compliant solutions. Simply to install and easy to use intuitive systems are available in handy kit form to ensure the easiest path towards digitalisation of processes in tune with Industry 4.0 concepts.

WERMA offers simple network solutions
Many companies nowadays are facing the challenge to optimise material flow, manufacturing and logistics processes. Until now there have been relatively few Industry 4.0 compliant simple networked solutions available especially those which are easy to install or retrofit in the operations.

This is where WERMA has ideal solutions available which are not only easy to install and use but really are essentially “out of the box”, “plug and play” systems. Operations both large and small can take ad-vantage of these intelligent networked systems.

The WERMA systems in detail
At the 2017 SPS IPC show WERMA will concentrate the products dis-played alongside the traditional range of optical and audible signal devices on the range of system solutions which are Industry 4.0 com-pliant. This will include the innovative wireless-based systems for process optimisation in manufacturing and logistics operations which network machines, work stations and FIFO racking systems. Each of the systems is simple to install or retrofit and they can contribute to a significant reduction in down-time and create the automatic replenishment of line-side material stocks.

All of the WERMA solutions have been applied successfully in a wide range of operations from modest SMEs to well-known global compa-nies. The systems deliver a very short pay-back period and ensure that durable process improvements can be put in place, thus saving in the long term time and money.

At the show the visitor will be able to see, experience and test first hand three different solutions:

  • StockSAVER: A new third generation kanban system for pro-duction logistics.
  • SmartMONITOR: A clever machine data collection and moni-toring system.
  • AndonSPEED: A unique call-for-action system to optimise pro-cesses in manual work stations and logistics operations.

State of the art technology for intelligent signal devices
Today’s signal devices not only provide clear and precise optical and audible signals to protect the working environment and make it a safer place but they can also communicate with one another intelligently. To this end WERMA deploys only the latest technology such as IO link, AS-I USB or wireless based solutions. Werma signal devices have the appropriate interfaces to enable fast, flexible and uncomplicated data transfer and communication.

These “plug and play” out of the box easy to install or retrofit wireless based solutions for process optimisation and the highlights of Europe’s leading manufacturer of optical and audible signal devices can be found in Hall 8 / stand 8-218 at the SPS IPC Drives show in Nürnberg.

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