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04 Oct 2017

MOTEK 2017 – BITO Lagertechnik launches flow racks fitted with StockSAVER from WERMA system

The Flow rack manufacturer shows how lineside stock holding can be reduced with this easy to fit

MOTEK 2017 – BITO Lagertechnik launches flow racks fitted with Stock<em>SAVER</em> from WERMA system

The Southern German signal products manufacturer WERMA Signaltechnik is demonstrating at MOTEK 2017 the retrofit system for flow racks StockSAVER. The system generates replenishment orders automatically and reduces the margin for human error and reduces excessive safety stock holding. This year at MOTEK 2017 in Stuttgart the global flow rack manufacturer BITO will also be showing WERMA’s system.

For more than 50 years BITO has been one of the leading warehouse technology manufacturers in Europe and has proved itself to be a richly innovative and reliable partner for complex warehouse technology applications. The intralogistics experts have their HQ in Meisenheim in Rheinland-Pfalz and as well as warehouse technology and infrastructure systems also manufacture containers and boxes for the warehouse. At MOTEK 2017 the company will be showing alongside its AGV (automatic guided vehicle) “Leo Locative” for the first time flow racks which are fitted with WERMA's StockSAVER system.

What is StockSAVER?
At MOTEK 2017 the easy to retro-fit system will show what it can do. The features and functions of the wireless based system will resolve many of the traditional problems associated with Kanban systems. With no need for Kanban cards or for scanning a withdrawal from a stock location many of the human error associated weak spots are resolved. There can be no incorrect or double entry bookings of stock or incorrectly calculated stock levels.

Sensors fitted to the flow racks detect the movement of the containers and are linked to an intelligent Smart Box on the flow rack to ensure complete transparency of stock levels. Automatic replenishment orders when pre-set minimum stock levels are tripped ensure that stock-outs do not occur and that stock levels are optimised. The system aims to reduce substantially the amount of stock held on the flow racks by reducing the level of safety stock held traditionally. Manual errors when calling for new stock orders or incorrect replenishment of the stock location are also excluded.

What benefits will StockSAVER bring?
The number of FIFO flow racks can be reduced substantially and that floor space used for other value adding operations. The reduced amount of stock being held will improve cash flow. The sensors used in StockSAVER can be used on virtually any FIFO flow-rack and container system. This will ensure a transparency of stock levels held on the flow racks with no need for excessive safety stock levels. The system is easy to install and can be extended further at any time to more stock locations.

With an increasing number of FIFO flow rack users turning to StockSAVER from WERMA BITO Lagertechnik is demonstrating at MOTEK 2017 how well BITO flow racks can be combined with StockSAVER. Peter Leiter, Head of Product Management at BITO is very enthusiastic: “StockSAVER is simply a great system and we are thrilled that we can retro fit this solution to our product and offer our customers some real added value!”

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