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26 Sep 2017


WERMA presents systems for process optimisation and the latest in signal technology products

Visit us at SEPEM ANGERS 2017 and meet our Chef direction of WERMA SARL in France Angèle Labadie on our booth F20 GP

At the show SEPEM ANGERS, the show for Services, Facilities, Process, Maintenance, Production in the area Center West of France, from October 10 to 12th 2017, WERMA will be showing not only new intelli-gent systems for process optimisation, but also the very latest com-prehensive range of optical and audible signal products. These com-ply with the latest standards and offer an appropriate solution for an enormous range of applications.

• SmartMONITOR – monitors up and down time of machinery
The system uses a wireless network of andon lights or signal towers to provide a low cost, easy to install alternative to more traditional machine data collection systems. SmartMONITOR collects all relevant status information from machinery, equipment and manual workstations automatically. Reaction time to stoppages can be reduced considerably, manufactur-ing processes optimised. Not being aware of stoppages in production becomes a thing of the past. Reports and analyses are easy to produce enabling lasting improvement measures to be considered and introduced.

• KombiSIGN 40 and 72 – the new generation of signal towers
WERMA signal towers indicate reliably and clearly the status of diverse machinery and equipment leading to greater safety and transparency in the workplace. There are no more com-promises with the new generation of signal towers. Light pic-tures and audible elements are flexible and adaptable to dif-ferent requirements and situations and assembly of the modular range is simple and intuitive. The new signal towers can also be easily networked with the IO-link option with the KombiSIGN 40 or with the SmartMONITOR and AndonSPEED wireless modules available with KombiSIGN 72 so making the operation fit and ready for the future.

Intelligent signal technology for today’s world and the future
The products and solutions available from WERMA help keep processes safe, efficient and lean. Existing processes can be improved simply and quickly, saving much time and cost. Clever solutions that simply work – that’s what WERMA has always stood for! With our solutions compromises are no longer necessary – we combine great flexibility, the best visibility of our optical products with easy installation. Over and above that, intelligent and networked systems make processes lean, faster and efficient. Whether optical lights, audible products or combination options we set the standard for the very latest in signal technology and define the future.

Let yourself be convinced by “live” demonstrations of our intelligent yet simple and easy to retro-fit wireless process optimisation solutions and the wide range of optical and audible signal products at SEPEM d’Angers on the booth WERMA F20 GP.

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