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28 Jun 2017

WERMA once again rewarded as a Technology Leader

Ranga Yogeshwar presents the Rietheim, Germany based company with the “top 100” award.

WERMA this year is once again rewarded as one of German Industry’s top SME technology leaders and innovators. The Rietheim-Weilheim based manufacturer of signal technology products was presented with the Top 100 award by Ranga Yogeshwar on the 24th May. This is now the fourth time that the company has been honoured with this award. The independent jury was especially impressed by the company’s innovation processes and success with new technology products.

WERMA once again rewarded as a Technology Leader
Smiling faces at the awards ceremony for the Top 100 Innovators in Essen. Technical Director Christian Höhler (left) and Daniel Kensey (Team Leader Electronics Development) right receive the award from Rang Yogeshwar

WERMA manufactures beacons and sounders and intelligent systems for process optimisation in manufacturing, logistics and warehousing operations. The company initiates and develops new ideas and concepts by exploring to begin with various ways to arrive at a solution. A product idea for example is broken down into its functional capabilities with each component then being analysed in detail in order for an innovative concept to be created.

Partnership with reference customers
Matthias Marquardt, CEO, explains that “this system has great potential for innovation because it leads to completely new solutions being created”. Reference customers are involved in the process from an early stage and carry out tests in live operation conditions, giving feedback to the company which then evaluates the comments and develops further. Marquardt goes on proudly: “we are recognised more and more as a technology and innovation leader in our field, and the partners we work with are leaders in their fields too. We are also able to offer our customers a fast track route to Industry 4.0 concepts by being able to convert simply and quickly our signal tower products to a powerful machine data collection and monitoring system.”
The WERMA signal tower family has been extended to include wireless transmitters and receivers which act as an interface to various parts of an operation, whether these are manual workstations or machines and equipment, irrespective of brand type or age. The software package gives a complete transparency to the manufacturing process through the collection and display of relevant data. By using in addition a special “transceiver” module machines can communicate with one another and co-ordinate the manufacturing process further.

WERMA – part of the Top 100
The figures speak for themselves – the company which was established in 1950 and now employs more than 310 people has been presented with the Top Innovator award no less than four times already. During the course of the last ten years the company has collected no less than 10 international and 5 national patents. The Southern Germany based company with operations also in the major European countries, USA and China is one of the market leaders of its branch.
Ranga Yogeshar (Science and Technology Journalist and TV Presenter) has been recognising the top 100 German SME Innovators since 1993. The awards are made for exceptional innovation strength and above average success with the introduction of innovative products. More information on the award can be found at

Werma Signaltechnik GmbH & Co. KG is an international company with more than 310 employees located in 7 sites. The family owned business, established in 1950, is one of the global leaders in signal devices and is the technology leader in its field.
The company established an industry standard with its modular signal tower range. Today WERMA manufactures a wide range of optical and audible signal devices as well as intelligent systems for process optimisation in general industry and logistics. In a world-wide first, WERMA signal towers can be wirelessly linked to provide a simple retro-fit alternative to traditional machine monitoring and data collection systems.

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