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27 Feb 2017

Success Story: cab selects signal towers from WERMA

Clearly identifiable labelling and product marking is an essential part of any business whether it is on individual components, finished products or packaging.  Europe’s largest manufacturer of labelling and printing machines, cab supports its reputation for innovation, reliability and durability by the careful selection of essential bought in components for its own operation. This is why cab selected the new innovative modular signal tower series KombiSIGN 40 from WERMA.

Success Story: cab selects signal towers from WERMA
The KombiSIGN 40 seen left and right is not only significantly brighter than the traditional filament bulb design in the centre but also more economical, lower cost and has a longer life

Innovation and durability
As Europe’s leading manufacturer of labelling systems cab also sets great importance to quality and “made in Germany”. The technology leader is highly vertically integrated and deploys only the latest manufacturing technologies in order to support its market leading position. 98% of components are manufactured in-house.

Diplom Ing Alexander Nagel has been at cab in Karlsruhe for just three years. The 34 year old works in Design and Development where he is responsible for the new design of laser marking equipment.  He emphasises the important values for his work, “we are always on the look-out for new innovations also for items we source outside.”

Labelling solutions for every requirement
“Our customers can get everything to do with labelling and product marking from us.  From desk-top printers to industrial solutions for end of line labelling and laser-marking for durable component or tool marking on metal or plastic,” says Guntram Stadelmann from cab’s Marketing Department, who comments further; “our customers are active in every conceivable industry and there is always a requirement for durable or even just temporary product and package marking.”

Customised solutions are also available from cab.  “Our Hermes print and apply production line system is fantastic with a huge range of stamps and applicators available for integration on virtually any production line” concludes Nagel.

Print status with a signal tower
The Hermes C system will print two colour labels in one pass for application to components or packaging.  The system is especially popular for labelling chemicals and hazardous materials and can apply the label directly to the product after printing.

“Should there be a problem with the labelling system it is possible that the complete line will come to a stop, and you can imagine what sort of consequences that might have on production lines, logistics or packing lines” observes Stadelmann.

Traffic lights make it clear
In order to safeguard the integrity of the process it is essential that the operator can see the status of the printer at all times.  For this reason cab has selected WERMA signal towers which show clearly the status in addition to whatever may be shown on the machine display.  The operator can see the status of the printer from a distance and the moment he sees any light other than “green” he knows to spring into action promptly to activate a back-up system, resolve the problem and keep the downtime to a minimum.

The classic traffic light colours of green, amber and red are used at cab.  Red indicates a printer or label fault which needs immediate attention.  The amber light signals that labels or transfers are running out whilst the green light indicates that the system is “good to go.

When asked whether the use of warning lights might be seen as a little old-fashioned in this digital age Nagel answers with a wry smile; “As soon as the operator sees a red light he knows he has to step in immediately.  This is far more effective than getting messages on a smartphone or laptop.”

Looking for a new solution

“Nowadays LEDs are a must” responds Nagel when asked why the current solution using filament bulbs had been replaced by LED technology.  “We have been using WERMA products for many years and we simply asked what was new as we wanted to make sure we stay one step ahead in terms of innovation, reliability and brightness.”

KombiSIGN 40 provided cab with the answers they were looking for.  The contemporary and slim design of the signal tower is perfect for cab’s printing and labelling machines.  A major feature is the extreme brightness of the lights even under difficult environmental conditions.  Nagel confirms that even during test of the new lights we were struck by the contrast, brightness and visibility of the lights even in bright sun-lit conditions. Excellent visibility is made possible with the new 360° OmniView lens and the external surface design of the lens ensures there are no dead spots.

Innovative signal tower with many features
KombiSIGN 40 is perfect for anyone who is not only looking for safe and reliable signalling, but also wants keep installation costs and stockholding of spares to a minimum.  “Some of our customers want a blinking light and so the TwinLIGHT feature of KombiSIGN 40 is a real plus – the small dipswitch inside the light allows us to switch simply from permanent to blinking light status” continues Nagel.  The terminal elements combine the two different light pictures in just one part number, all at the price of just one light.  This makes it very easy for the end-user to choose between a permanent or blinking light.

KombiSIGN 40 has also been designed to make installation as simple as possible. Incorrect assembly is made impossible using Poka Yoke methods. The terminals are clearly marked and the intuitive haptic feel to assembling the units makes the job easy, even in restricted installation spaces.

At cab they are sure that they have found the right partner with WERMA and will be using the brilliant LED lights from the Southern German Company in the future.  Stadelmann summarises; “our customer demand reliability and 100% availability.  Marking and printing must be absolutely precise.  We have customers who have had cab printers in operation for over 20 years and they are still running perfectly.  I think that says it all.  It is important that our bought in components also fulfil our customer’s expectations in terms of quality.  You know, when our customers are happy, so are we.”

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