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21 Feb 2017

WERMA’s new website takes off

The signal device manufacturer WERMA has just completed a thorough overhaul of its website in order to make it even more user-friendly and informative. A brand new design concept has been applied which, together with optimised visualisation of products, superior and comprehensive content and a completely new online shop will make the product selection, information search and shopping experience much easier.

WERMA’s new website takes off
The new WERMA website makes a perfect landing whether on your smartphone, tablet or PC

Easy navigation gets you to the point quickly
The principal aim of the new website is to get the customer to the right products and information quicker. For this reason the highly detailed electronic catalogue section is separate from the online shop.

The clear and simple navigation structure allows the reader to get straight into the different content areas of the site. There is a simple overview of the available product groups, examples of different applications for the products and detailed technical information on the specific products.  

Optimised content
The content sections have been completely reworked. “Instead of a lot of text describing the attributes of products we describe the prod-ucts using short but comprehensive bullet points and gives tips to our customers to help them select the right product for their application” explains WERMA’s Strategy and Sales Director Anja Dannemann.

“Our System solutions often require more explanation and to this end we give the customer extensive information on these more complex products.  It is simply our goal to bring the customer as quickly as possible to the right product or solution for his requirement.”

Of course once the customer has selected the appropriate product he can start to fill up his shopping basket with just one mouseclick.  Our online shop s open all day, every day!

Accessible website, even on the move
Werma has taken into account the rapidly changing user requirements for browsing the web and the new website offers a perfectly responsive and satisfying experience whether you are browsing on your smart ‘phone, a tablet of your PC. The online shop can now also be used perfectly on a smartphone or tablet.

Signal tower configurator tool – design your own signal tower configuration in just a few clicks
With this tool you can put together your modular signal tower according to your requirements. The user is led through the selection process by simple but clear and intuitive questions and images until the selection is complete and ready to be placed in the shopping basket. Give it a go and see for yourself on

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