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25 Nov 2015

No more compromises!

WERMA Signaltechnik launches a brand new range of modular signal towers – KombiSIGN 40

The new KombiSIGN 40 signal tower family manufacture by Werma Signaltechnik is aimed particularly at machine and equipment manufacturers and the process control industry who don’t want just safe and reliable signalling, but also have an eye for installation costs, the logistics chain and global availability of parts. The modular KombiSIGN 40 is quite simply easier to use, quicker to install, brighter, more flexible and more economic. The elegant Designlook option rounds off the new generation of signal towers.

The new modular KombiSIGN 40 has a compact diameter of just 40mm but can signal up to five different status lights. Particular features are the extreme brightness and visibility, even in difficult light conditions. The new Omniview lens ensures all round visibility irrespective of line of sight and potential blind spots.

Maximum flexibility with small number of variants

The optical elements Twinlight and Twinflash combine two light pictures in one part number and at the same price of just one light effect. A Twinlight user can choose between a permanent or blinking light. A higher degree of warning is offered with Twinflash. This option offers a cyclical flash light or the random flash EVS. The options are selected by dip switch. EVS stands for “enhanced visual stimulus” which is achieved through the random stochastic flickering flash effect which ensures attention to the warning light without the brain becoming used to the light effect and possibly ignore it.

Audible warning elements are also available, a two tone siren with a max output of 85 dB. The continuous or pulse tone is selected by dip switch. An 8 tone audible element with a max. output of 95 dB is also available.

Two design options offer even more flexibility
KombiSIGN 40 offers an appropriate design for every user – Classiclook provides the traditional design look of a signal tower whilst Designlook provides a complete contrast. The unobtrusive look and clear lens of the signal tower provide a more modern option for a machine builder illuminate only when activated. The multicolour light element offers “7 in 1” colour options.

Robust design for harsh environments
The sturdy design operates well under harsh conditions together with an IP66 protection rating to withstand powerful jet water ingress. It can operate safely in temperatures from -30º - +60º c. Flexible mounting options include surface, tube or single hole.

Assembly errors eliminated
Installing signal towers costs time and money. KombiSIGN 40 has been designed for quick and easy assembly and Installation. Using Poka Yoke principles it is virtually impossible to assemble the different elements of the tower incorrectly. Furthermore the terminals are clearly marked up and haptic feel make assembly easy even in the most difficult of conditions.

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