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25 Feb 2014

Loud and clear warnings with the all new vocal element from WERMA

Rietheim-Weilheim – You can now give your staff clear and loud recorded warning announcements with the new vocal element from WERMA. This unique audible element delivers excellent, loud sound quality in up to 15 different tones, pre-recorded music or announcements.

Loud and clear warnings with the all new vocal element from WERMA
The new extra loud vocal element gives excellent tone quality and adjustable volume up to 102dB.

Customised recorded announcements
New design vocal element from WERMA has an adjustable audible output of up to 102dB. The enlarged loudspeaker part of the unit helps deliver excellent sound quality.
The vocal element can be used to playback pre-recorded music or announcements. The unit is connected to a PC using with the USB cable and the software supplied with the product enables audio files to be copied simply and playlists created. The software is compatible with current Windows operating systems.

The perfect enhancement to a signal tower
The new vocal element can be used with the current WERMA KS70 and 71 signal tower families on top of four other light elements. The innovative “twist and fit” assembly design connects the units mechanically and electrically in matter of seconds.

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