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19 Feb 2014

New LED multicolour beacon – 7 colours in just one light

Rietheim-Weilheim – Users can select from seven different colours with the new 816 Multicolour LED installation beacon. This enables many different conditions to be alerted from a single beacon thus saving users valuable space and installation work. Money in the pocket!
Using RGB LED technology in one single beacon seven colours; red, green, amber, blue, clear, violet and turquoise can be selected.

New LED multicolour beacon – 7 colours in just one light
The LED installation beacon with optional clear or cloudy lens.

Easy to install
The 816 LED beacon can be mounted on a 37mm drill hole and can be connected to a 24V power supply with an M12 connector. Colour selection is made using Bit coding and the three basic colours red, green and amber can be selected with just two outputs.

Many varied applications
The long life installation beacon has a 75mm diameter and a height of 70mm from its base. This makes it particularly suitable for installation where space might be limited, such as control panels.
The user also has two choices of lens type – clear or cloudy. With the cloudy lens you get a homogenous light effect but with the clear lens on the other hand a specific light effect.

Long life

Maintenance free LEDS give a life of up to 50,000 hours. The high IP65 protection rating makes the beacon suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The lens can withstand impact of up to 20 joules making it ideal for riobust environments.

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