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19 Feb 2014

New slim-line LED KOMPAKT 37 signal tower packs many new features

Rietheim-Weilheim – With a total of 48 different options the new KOMPAKT 37 LED signal tower offers more variants than any other. There is a suitable solution for any application, whether the tower is required, for example, in black or silver, with plug or cable options to name but a few.

New slim-line LED KOMPAKT 37 signal tower packs many new features
The new maintenance free LED Kompakt 37 signal tower with a wide range of options and features.

You have the choice of two versions for optimum visibility
The slim-line LED signal tower is available with black housing and coloured lens or in a metallic colour with clear lens.
In the version with coloured lens, the the LEDs light up within the tower in the colour of the lens giving an intensive colour effect whilst the clear lens give clear colour signal even in bright sunlight.

Audible option
Additional warning can be given with the optional siren built into the head of the signal tower. With an output of 85dB the siren gives an immediate and clear warning of potential danger, and the tower carries a protection rating of IP65.

Slim-line, compact and cost effective
The new slim-line KOMPAKT 37 LED signal tower can warn against up to six different conditions – five optical and one audible warning. The extremely bright light picture is made possible with 8 LEDs per signal light stage.
With a diameter of just 37,5mm the KOMPAKT 37 is ideal for applications on machines and equipment limited space. The metallic coloured tower lends itself especially to those applications where the optical appearance of the equipment is more important.

Save time and money
The new KOMPAKT 37 has a life of up to 50,000 hours with very low power consumption. Using maintenance-free LEDs, changing bulbs is a thing of the past, thus saving time and money.

Great visibility from a distance
In order to optimise visibility even from a distance the tower can be mounted on an elegant tube extension or tube with foot accessory and increase the height of the signal tower by up to 80mm thus making it ore visible, even from a distance.

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