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18 Feb 2014

WERMA is thinking out of the box

new corner bracket offers enhanced

WERMA is thinking out of the box
A new corner bracket from WERMA designed for a wide range of applications.

Rietheim-Weilheim –With such an large range of products available WERMA Signaltechnik has an answer for just about every installation. There is now a bracket for corner installation allowing any WERMA signal tower or beacon to be quickly and simply installed on a ninety degree corner.

Small product but big benefit
The corner bracket is quick and easy to install and allows the beacon to be seen from both the sides of the installation.
This can be particularly helpful in buildings and installations with many corners – just one signal device can be deployed to ensure safe visibility of the beacon where previously two beacons would have.

Easy to install
The new corner bracket is very simple to install requiring no special tools or fixings. Simply attach the bracket to the corner of the machine or structure with the fixing screws supplied.
A further feature of the bracket is that, should the installation so demand it, the complete weight of the signal device can be carried even when the bracket ix fixed on just one side.

For use with wide range of products
The bracket can be used with all Kombisign and Kompakt signal towers and all free standing beacons from the 82X and 885 families.

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