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23 Jan 2013

Signalling a call for action by the touch of a button – the new Andon products from WERMA

Optimising the value added chain and elimating wastage are key points in the important discussion on “Lean Production” methodology WERMA has introduced new Andon products to help make manual work stations more “lean”.

Event – Signalisation - Action
The word “Andon” comes from the Japanese language for a lantern or warning light and is used nowadays to describe a lighting system
clearly visible to all to indicate a change in a status or a warning that immediate action is to be taken. All WERMA products operate on this principal. The operator actuates the signal light by turning a switch on. The illumination of the signal light, possibly accompanied by a sounder, indicates to others that this operator requires assistance – maybe he has run out of material line side. Long delays for new parts to be delivered line side, or for assistance to be given can be a thing of the past with WERMA Andon products.

Robust and compact
AndonBOX is one of the new andon products from the southern German manufacturer WERMA. The simple switch box is robust and lends itself to industrial applications. Activating one of up to four push button switches illuminates up to four different signal tower lights. The push button switches are supplied with colour coded caps and in addition each push button can be labelled for the appropriate function.

The compact AndonBOX is delivered ready for installation with a plug in power supply. The switch box can be either surface or wall mounted so all you have to do is decide where to install. Connect the M12 cable with the appropriate signal tower and your call system is ready for action!

Intelligent with good looks!
The second new product, AndonSWITCH is attractively packaged and includes illuminated switch buttons to give an unequivocal confirmation of the call for action activated. Labels can also be applied to the housing. Another neat feature of this product is the smart electronics with allow the four switches to activate up to eight different status condition changes.

Good visibility in the most diverse applications
The signal tower used with these Andon products should always be installed in a prominent position and is not mounted onto or directly next to the andon product. A 5m cable with single connector ensures an optimum location of a signal tower positioned away from the Andon product. This configuration means that the most diverse of applications are suitable for the products - from manual work stations and packing lines to improving kanban processes, for example.

Andon Products combined with WIN
A particular highlight of these andon products is that they can be combined with the low cost, easy to install wireless monitoring MDC system WIN (Wireless Information Network) thus extending the functionality of manually operation call for action systems even further. The user can react even more quickly to changes in status conditions as these changes will not only be made visible by the signal tower but also shown via the WIN software on local PC terminals. So, for example, should a packing station run out of material or parts, this shortage can be wirelessly transferred direct to a PC in the Stores for action.

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