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23 Jan 2013

Seven different colours in just one signal tower element
The new LED permanent Light Element Multicolour

The signal device manufacturer WERMA has developed a new LED permanent light element “multicolour” for the KombiSIGN 70 and 71 signal towers. The customer can select from seven colours (red, yellow, green, clear, blue, violet and turquoise) in just one light element module. Where in the past it was necessary to have several different coloured light elements in the signal tower, now with “multicolour” several different status conditions can be signalled from just a single light element.

Bright coloured lights – easy to select
The required light colour is selected by applying voltage to a combination of the the pins in the terminal element of the tower. The unit works with both positive and negative logic making it suitable for operation with a PLC. The three basic colours, (red, yellow and green) can be selected using only two PLC outputs.

Add further elements
WERMA KombiSIGN 70 and 71 signal towers are modular in design and so you can add a number of different optical and audible elements one on top of another as you wish. The new LED light element “multicolour” can be used with up to two additional elements.

Maintenance free long life
An extremely long life typically up to 50,000 hours is assured. A wide range of fixing accessories makes it easy to install in virtually any position and application.

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