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23 Jan 2013

Monitor efficiency in production area with the MDC system WIN’s new counting module

WERMA has an extremely innovative solution for the wireless monitoring of production machinery. The system – WIN – Wireless Information Network – is a simple yet proven product which can improve efficiency and productivity in the production area and lead to greater transparency of the manufacturing process. The low cost system can monitor wirelessly up to 50 machines irrespective of age or type of the machine.

A new development – piece part counting module
The Southern German manufacturer WERMA has now introduced a new development to the WIN system called “WIN slave performance” The new software developed for this module also includes many other new features. In addition to the existing monitoring functions the new software can monitor the piece part count of the machine and analyse the progress of a job on the machine. The new hardware monitors up to six different machine status conditions as well as counting the piece part production output signal of the machine.

Simple and quick to install
WIN is an inexpensive piece of kit which is very easy to install. The system is “plug and play”, that is; the transmitter accessory, WIN slave performance” is added to an existing WERMA KombiSIGN signal tower which transmits data collected to the receiver “WIN master” connected to a PC with a USB cable. There is no licence restriction to the number of users permitted to use the system software.

Intuitive software developments
As well as a new piece of hardware, the “WIN slave performance” the new WIN software contains many new functions, features and new analytical tools. In addition to the existing WIN functions now details of the job in hand can be put into the system and monitored. The monitoring of specific job performance criteria can contribute to improve machine utilisation and help reduce down time in the production process. A further feature is the display of the “fulfilment” level of a job in hand on the machine. Any time frame, for example the shift yesterday or last week can be viewed retrospectively at the touch of a button. The clear and concise notification and display of monitored condition changes on the machine can make a big difference to reducing down time in the value added process chain.

Keep in touch with the job – no matter where you are
It is no problem for WIN to keep you informed, no matter where you might be. If the status condition of the machine should change an Email can be generated automatically and sent to a PC or smart ‘phone. This notification can also be time delayed if the user so wishes.

Good transmission range
The transmission distance given an unobstructed line of sight is 300m, but the construction and layout of a production area may influence this. However as each WIN slave acts as a “repeater” one to another the network distance capability is in fact considerably greater.

Convenient starter kits available
Two different starter kits are offered which allow the user to set up and start monitoring and counting without a complicated installation process. With the all round starter kit WIN complete with WIN slave performance for KombiSIGN 71 the user can set up monitoring three machines and comes with three signal tower kits as well. A second starter kit, WIN system with WIN slave performance is designed for an existing WERMA KS70/71 installation and contains just the elements required to be added onto the existing WERMA signal tower to allow monitoring to take place. Additional accessories can be selected at any time from the extensive range available.

Both starter kits allow a network containing up to 50 machines to be built up and monitored. Further information on WERMA’s “Lean Production” solutions can be found on

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